10 Important Tips for Picking a Color Scheme for Your App

Apart from making an app functional and bug-free, it is important to choose the right color for your application to draw the attention of users.

At first glance, a user can have a positive or negative impression of your app judging upon the graphical UI elements of your app. That’s why picking the right color scheme is really vital for your app.

We know it is important to create an impressive app based on your idea in order to gain some competitive advantages in the app development trends. To do that, it somehow becomes difficult to choose a specific color scheme from the innumerable color patterns that are available.

However, to make it easy for you, we have curated some important tips for you to choose the perfect color scheme for your app.

Go through this article to efficiently choose a color palette to design an application.

Fundamentals of Color

The basic step of choosing the perfect colors for your application is understanding the different fundamentals of colors.

Check out this color wheel to understand the differences between colors.

For selecting a particular color scheme, you either have to choose from the existing palettes or you can create your own.

If you are not so sure about your color scheme skills, it is recommended to go for the existing ones. On the other hand, by creating a color palette of your own means, you are getting into an enormous field of possibilities. Choosing the second option is recommended only when you have some more time to spare.

In order to identify the right color, you can use different methods like analogous, monochromatic or complementary.

Using the analogous method means you have to choose a particular color as the main color. The other color that will be used are the colors that are located next to the same color on the color wheel. The final result will be harmonic and organic as the main color will be dominant; however, the other ones will complement it. One great benefit of such color combinations is it doesn’t hurt the eyes.

If you go with the monochromatic method, you will need to choose one color and use its tones and shadows instead of using other colors. For example, Blue or green color normally has different shades and tones, which can make your color palette look aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand, with the complementary color scheme, you can take two contrasting colors that are located adjacently ( red-blue or yellow-green) at the color wheel and design your palette.

Normally, experienced designers are fond of the complementary color scheme because even with the limited use of colors, they can create some extraordinary palette and highlight the major elements of your app.

10 Tips to Pick Color Scheme for Your App

The main focus is to make the graphical UI of your app attractive, convenient and pleasant. Keeping that in mind, you can choose any of the color scheme methods.

Here we present you some important tips that you can use to make your app alluring.

Identify Your Target Audience and Their Needs

Once you come up with the concept of your app, it means you are already aware of your target audience. However, knowing who are your target audience is not enough unless you get to know about other information like the interests, needs and preferences of your TAs. When you get to know the same, you can determine what color scheme you can pick.

Study Your Competitors

It is essential to identify and research similar apps that are already available in the market. In this way, it will be easier for you to figure out the common design patterns that are liked by the audience. You can either use the same pattern or create a unique one for your app. It completely depends on your choice.

Focus on Your Content

The final layout of your app will depend on many things, like the quality of your content and how the developers have presented it. Apart from that, the size, borders and texts of every element of your app will make sure that your app looks presentable or not.

Geographical Characteristics

As you should know the interest and needs of your TAs, similarly, you need to be aware of the location you wish to launch your app.

This is important because different color has different meaning depending on the location. In order to avoid any conflict it is better to know the geographical attributes at first.The color white means innocence in most of the countries, whereas in countries like China, the color gets considered as the symbol of death.

For the same reason, you need to select the color scheme once you are aware of the different attributes of different regions.

Convenient and Interactive

Too much of everything cannot make your app look good. For the same reason, you need to make sure that the app you are designing has some clean or blank space to rest the eyes. So, you need to choose a color scheme keeping that in mind.

Set a Particular Order for All the UI Components

Believe it or not, the proficiency of your app significantly depends on the color guide you choose. Because an effective color guide can efficiently make it possible for the users to distinguish between the interactive and non-interactive elements, that’s why including the same feature can make your app really convenient in front of the users.

Readable Content

The audience can find your app helpful or enjoyable only when they can easily distinguish all the elements, buttons, border and text clearly. You cannot set white elements on a white background or black elements on a black background.

Apart from that, some popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger have introduced dark themes or interfaces following the leading brand, Apple. You, too, can use it while designing your app.

Use The Color Of Your Brand

Popular brands like Netflix, Disney+ use the color of their brand when choosing and designing the color scheme for their apps. It gives a unique vibe to your brand or company. You also can use your brand’s color to create your application.

Convey Messages Using Different Colors

You can easily attract your audiences’ attention and convey information using your preferred color scheme. For instance, the red color in MS word means spelling mistakes, whereas the green underline indicates grammatical mistakes.

Take Professional Help

If you are not sure and don’t have much spare time to choose a color palette for your application, it is always convenient to seek professional help. The professionals know what color palettes are trending or getting popularity and can use the same to design your app.

Final Words

While choosing an effective color scheme for your app, the things you should focus on are knowing the perception, interests and needs of your customers and the geographical attributes. Also, make sure to compare with similar apps that are already available, and that’s how you can get the best color scheme for your app.