10 suggestions for presents you could give to people who already have everything

A gift to someone shows how special this person is. But it’s not always an easy task, either because you don’t know what his personal tastes are, or because he “already has everything.” The fact is that when we present something, we hope that it will be useful to the recipient and that it will be recorded in their memory.

If you don’t know this person very well, good advice is to find out who lives with him, what his tastes are, what size they wear, whether the person knows something he needs or wants, and what his moment in life is. If we are even talking about the delivery of flowers, this also includes many aspects that you need to know in advance. Keep reading and find out more!

A gift for those who have everything: the best options!

The list below will help you come up with options that are interesting for the gift recipient.

Check out these nine tips on what to give to someone who has everything!

1. Drinks

If a person likes alcohol, wine, whiskey and craft beer are good options. You can even combine other items such as bowls, corkscrews, special cups or just bring a flower bouquet with a nice bottle of wine. If we are talking about soft drinks, you can bet on a gift of tea or coffee. If you are a coffee maker, you will like a special coffee, and if you have a soluble coffee machine, it is worth buying a set of capsules.

2. Delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers

If you have a great desire to please a person but absolutely do not know how to do it, then a flower shop or flowers delivery can really save the situation. You can make your recommendations to the florist, and this bouquet of flowers will become something unique and gentle for a person. He or she will definitely feel all the affection that you have invested in this work.

If your gift recipient is in the Emirates, we recommend ordering forever rose Dubai – a unique gift that takes you back to the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. The rose will stand for a long time and will be an excellent element of decor.

3. Photobook

Nowadays, we are used to taking digital photos and almost never printing them. However, it’s really cool to have a physical memory of those moments. Therefore, making a photo album of you and a person will definitely be fun! You can do it in chronological order, starting from the moment you met, or you can do it in random order. Writing about feelings or memories in some parts of the album can also be cool.

4. Experience

A gift doesn’t always have to be something physical. Offering an experience of learning, recreation, social exchange, or interaction with nature, affective memory is developed, it helps to get out of routine, and it improves well-being. Think about these alternatives:

  • Standing kayaking;
  • Helicopter, balloon or boat rides;
  • Have lunch;
  • Journey;
  • Workshop (dancing, art, masterclass in floristry in flower shop, cooking or any other hobby that interests a person);
  • Massage or spa day;
  • Photosession;
  • Tickets for a concert, theater or football match.

5. Sporting goods

You can choose a team item that a person likes, or a sport that they are engaged in, especially if it is a special edition or a collectible.

6. Gifts for vegans

Vegans often make choices not only in food, but also in the things they consume. So cosmetics, shoes, clothes, and chocolate that are not tested and do not even have animal origins are a great option! This demonstrates how much you have thought about this person, and even encourages him. People who care about the environment will probably also appreciate one of these gifts.

7. Jewelry

Winning a jewel is on the list of things that everyone wants to win at least once in their life! It is an eternal gift for any age and accompanies a person wherever he goes.

8. Gift cards

This advice is humorous and is usually liked the most! This can be a clothing store, a bookstore, or prepaid cards such as Netflix, Spotify, Xbox, Google Play Store, etc. With them, you can access the service for a certain time, and sometimes get some benefits, such as an ad-free profile and discounts on goods. There is also a subscription for the delivery of flowers. You can receive a beautiful and unique bouquet every two weeks or even every week.

9. Books

Whether romantic, technical, religious or biographical, books broaden our horizons, teach us, make us think, travel, and are also a good habit for stimulating memory, creativity, expanding repertoire, and even humour.

Finally, pay attention to these details:

Regardless of what kind of gift it is, pay attention to the packaging. This demonstrates your concern for this person.

A handwritten postcard explaining why you chose this gift or memories of time spent together, is of great importance and serves as a reminder of thin special date. If the gift can be exchanged, tell the person what to do if necessary.