15+ Best PC Cleaner 2021: To Improve Performance

In previous post, we discussed on 15+ Best Mac Cleaner Apps: To Improve Mac Performance and the list of Mac Cleaner Software offers you to boost up your performance by cleaning junk files, malware or viruses, find and delete duplicate files, uninstall apps and browser extensions, and cleaning startup items. Here, we are going to discuss on 15+ Best PC Cleaner 2021: To Improve Performance and you can choose any app from list to manage your System performance. Let’s starts the discussion.

What is PC Cleaner?

PC Cleaner is also considered as PC Optimization Software that offers to improve your System performance by performing multiple actions including cleaning the cache of various programs, removing corrupted registry files, finding and removing temporary files, limit the processes from using RAM, cleaning startup or login items, finding and deleting duplicate files and more.

PC Cleaner Software also acts as antimalware offer to find malware or viruses in your computer, and offers you can delete them with just single click. If you are not aware, malware or viruses can trigger lots of bugs or problems and attempts to infect your personal files or data. However, these infections run to open backdoor of your computer and allows attackers to control your device.

To prevent your System from malware or viruses attack, or any other damages, you can try some powerful PC Cleaner or Antivirus Software and/or combo of both. List of PC Cleaner Software in this post will not only help you to find and remove malware or viruses, but will also enhance your PC performance by detecting junk files, duplicate files, unwanted programs, temporary files, unwanted extensions or plug-ins and cleaning all of them with just single click. Let’s take a look at list of PC Cleaner Software.

15+ Best PC Cleaner 2021: To Improve Performance

1: ‘CCleaner Professional’ – PC Cleaner and Performance Booster

CCleaner Professional is PC optimization software known for improving System performance with just one-click. It is easy-to-use and user-friendly software that can be easily be handled by both technical and non-technical users.

This software automatically performance a scanning of your System to find and remove all junk files efficiently. It also offers you to clean web browser history & cookies to protect your online privacy. It sends you automatic updates at regular intervals to keep your System performance smooth & faster.

CCleaner for Windows Operating System offers to clean System registry and startup items with just one click. It can recover more disk space, ability to clean junk files and to increase boot speed.

CCleaner PC Cleaner: Pros

This software is capable of scanning multiple users with one click and keeps your application up-to-date with auto-updating options. It features better System performance improvements.

CCleaner PC Cleaner: Cons

It has only fewer configuration options and its free version has very limited options.

2: CleanMyPC – Powerful PC Cleaner Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

CleanMyPC is one of the Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows OS based devices. This software offers you to scan your whole computer to find junk files including cache & log files and delete them with one click to speed up your PC.

This application offers you to clean traces of uninstalled applications to keep your system security intact. However, this PC Cleaner Software also offers you speed up your System boot time by managing startup or login items and fixing registry issues.

It features optimum security for your privacy, speedy net access, excellent ability to remove harmful files and programs and can renew more speed and stability.

CleanMyPC Pros

  • It is simple to use
  • Faster recovery options
  • Useful for power users
  • Interactive Email Support

CleanMyPC Cons

  • Its free version has limited options
  • Bit complex to navigate initially

3: ‘Iobit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro’ for Windows


Iobit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro is another one of the Best PC Cleaner in this list for Windows cleaning and maintenance. It offers you to clean your PC and improve Startup speed of your computer. This tool offers you can remove junk files and free up disk space, clean apps and toolbars and boosts internet connectivity speed.

This software features advanced PC cleaning options, secure your personal data, and optimized turbo boost for archiving noble system performance. This software is available with low price and with enhanced private data protection and large number of additional tools. However, there is lack of chat support and is complex to navigate.

4: ‘Advanced System Optimizer’ – PC Cleaner Software for Windows

Advanced System Optimizer is another Windows PC Optimizer Software in this list offers you remove junk files wasting your storage space and slow down your computer as well. This software has several features which help you to avoid any type of annoying ads and notifications while playing games.

Additionally, this PC Cleaner Software offers a ‘Driver Update’ feature which offers to keep your Windows drivers up-to-date. It is simple to use and perform scan for find junk files, malware or viruses, unwanted programs and System startup logs with just single click and offers you to delete them with single ‘Clean’ button.

Advanced System Optimizer Pros:

  • Efficient system scan
  • Ability to fix errors quickly
  • Better disk defragmentation features.
  • Advanced integrated system protector

Advanced System Optimizer Cons:

  • Lack of premium support
  • Abundance of features that could confuse user

5: ‘Auslogics BoostSpeed’ for Windows

Auslogics BoostSpeed is PC Cleaner Software for Windows offers a wide range of features that are quite effective and efficient. This software is packed with all necessary features that help you to remove junk files and restore System stability. It also features privacy protection.

This PC Optimization Software features excellent potentiality to find and deal with boot issues, adoring ability to regain huge hard disk space and competence to increase System speed and stability. You are also allowed to schedule to clean your PC and this will automatic repair your PC at scheduled time.

Auslogics BoostSpeed Pros:

  • Inbuilt with user-friendly tools
  • Avoids threats related to registry editing
  • Enhances system speed
  • Protect your privacy

Auslogics BoostSpeed Cons:

  • Full version is expensive
  • The trial version of the tool has limited options

6: ‘Wise Care 365 Pro’ – PC Cleaner and Antimalware for Windows

Wise Care 365 Pro is another application in this list offers various different PC Protection tools to protect your System privacy and make your PC run faster. This software cleans and optimizes your PC for better performance.

Wise Care 365 Pro protects your System in real-time by blocking apps wasting your storage space. It features advanced PC cleaner for Windows offers you to clean temporary files, log files, browser history, cookies, download history and more with just one-click.

This software offers brilliant System protection, superlative registry and junk files cleaning and ceaseless technical support. It ensures the PC speed and security by removing junk or other unwanted programs.

Wise Care 365 Pro: Pros

  • Requires fewer system components
  • Well constructed interface
  • Efficient free version options
  • Availability of more tools

Wise Care 365 Pro: Cons

  • Compatible only with Windows OS
  • Poor customer support

7: ‘Norton Utilities Premium’ for Windows

Norton Utilities Premium is another one of the Best PC Cleaner Software in this list for Windows that works on comprehensive technologies to help you keep your PC performance intact. This PC Cleaner Software scans your computer, delete and remove files or programs that you don’t need any more.

It offers you to look your computer for System bugs and then it fixes the System issues to keep your System running well. It removes all types of junk files, unwanted programs and associated files, malware or viruses, unwanted extensions, caches and cookies and cleaning System registry or startup items with just one-click.

Norton Utilities Premium: Pros

  • Can diagnose with consistency
  • Active system monitoring features
  • Inbuilt tools to test performance
  • Simple problem definition

Norton Utilities Premium: Cons

  • Limited installation options
  • Clean up activity is complicated

8: ‘Clean Master for PC’ – PC Cleaner Software

Clean Master for PC is another Best PC Cleaner Software in this list available for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.This software helps you clean your System and keep your privacy intact. It offers you to scan your System for over 1000+ programs with single-click while searching, and deleting residual & junk files to clean up System storage.

This PC Cleaner Software offers you to boost your System performance by speeding up boot time and intelligently optimize system and network settings. It features ‘Driver Booster’ offers you can scan and fix over 5 million drivers and devices to fix driver issues.

It also fixes privacy related issues by blocking unwanted access to programs and resolving privacy disclosure risks. Additionally, it offers file recovery, auto-update, junk auto-clean, file shredder, browser auto-clean, malware protection and lot more.

Clean Master for PC: Pros

  • Intuitive user interface with eye-catchy icons
  • categorized junk file list
  • Quicker cleaning function
  • Progressive junk file notification

Clean Master for PC: Cons

  • More crowded tool palette
  • Consumes more battery life

9: ‘Auslogics Registry Cleaner’ – for Windows

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is PC Cleaner Software offers you to fix System registry problems, remove junk files, and clean, repair and optimize all invalid registry entries on your System. This software helps you clean your System effectively to avoid bugs and crashes.

This PC Cleaner Software offers you correct System or internet settings and other issues to fix stability issues. It looks for corrupted System registry entries and offers you can delete/fix them with just one click. However, it also creates a restore point to help you roll back the changes anytime you want.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner: Pros

  • Capable of pausing the system scan
  • Completely free to use
  • Simple installation and usage procedures
  • Default restore point creation

Auslogics Registry Cleaner: Cons

  • Additional programs are installed with required package
  • Higher end features are available only in the paid version

10: ‘AVG PC TuneUp’ – PC Cleaner for Windows

AVG PC TuneUP is another PC Cleaner Software in this list offers abundant useful features to keep your System optimized for best performance. It offers you to find and clean all junk files, clean up disk space to speed up your PC performance.

This software works on its patented ‘Programs-On-Demand’ technology to put all unnecessary programs into sleep mode to enhance your System performance. it also optimize your System battery life, updates your essential programs, speed up system startup process, avoid System crashes and lot more.

You are allowed to schedule for maintenance that will automatic run System maintenance program at scheduled time. It uninstalls all applications wasting your storage space and facility to free up more space also.

AVG PC TuneUP: Pros

  • Simple system repair option
  • Easy to use
  • Can save more battery life
  • Automated system maintenance

AVG PC TuneUp: Cons

  • Crowded list of options may confuse users
  • Have to use many tools for complete clean-up

11: ‘Ashampoo WinOptimizer Free’ for Windows

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Free is PC Cleaner software for Windows offers various different features to keep your System performing well. It features 1-click PC Optimization to clean and de-clutter System hard disk space for improved performance.

This software offers you repair invalid shortcuts, run hard disk benchmarks, clean browsing history, delete cookies, manage and customize context menus and do much more. It offers you to analyze, customize and optimize your System performance.

Additionally, it helps you protect your System privacy, boost boot process, and optimize internet connection speed. You are allowed to delete sensitive data permanently or protect it with encryption services.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Free: Pros

  • Efficient scanning ability
  • Illustrative user-interface
  • Better system monitoring
  • Can clean, optimize and protect your PC

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Free: Cons

  • Links will be stored in the desktop
  • No community guidance

12: ‘Glary Utilities’ for Windows

Glary Utilities is another one of the Best PC Cleaner Software in this list offers various different features to help you clean your System hard disk for improved performance. It offers more than 20 different tools to speed up your system performance.

It features one-click functionality reduces your load of cleaning your System manually. This software helps you fixe frustrating errors, freezes and crashes. It performs various actions including fix registry errors, clean disk, manage files, defrag hard disk and a lot more.

Glary Utilities Free: Pros

  • Effortless system maintenance
  • Can protect multiple users
  • Monitors system performance
  • Regulates the running processes to speed up the system

Glary Utilities Free: Cons

  • Cannot improve internet speed
  • Don’t have distinct features

13: ‘Eusing Cleaner’ for Windows

Eusing Cleaner is another PC Cleaner Software for Windows in this list makes your cleaning work effortless. It features privacy cleaner and System optimizer offers you to help detect and remove all unnecessary files, including invalid registry entries, log files, temporary files, internet history, cache files, typed URLs, index.dat data from browser, recycle bin and lot more.

This PC Optimization Software features various useful plug-in to help you clean history of more than 150 Third-Party apps. It offers you to specify which files you want to delete and which you don’t want to remove.

Additionally, it offers you to clean your System registry to fix registry related problems and improve overall System performances as well. It allows you to schedule automatic System maintenance that could run automatically and repair your System at scheduled time.

Eusing Cleaner Free: Pros

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS
  • Interactive multi-language support
  • Can create Windows backup
  • Inbuilt registry defragment tools

Eusing Cleaner Free: Cons

  • The enhanced system speed cannot be retained
  • Registry defrag requires system reboot

14: ‘The PC Decrapifier’ for Windows

The PC Decrapifier is another one of the Best PC Cleaner for Windows offers you to remove all unnecessary programs and clean startup process on your computer. It is easy-to-use and user-friendly interface that can easily be handled by both technical and non-technical users.

This tool offers you can easily find and clean unnecessary junk files on your system. It is designed to find and remove all unwanted applications installed in your computer to recover precious disk space while improving System performance.

PC Decrapifier Free: Pros

  • No installation required
  • Large group of programs can be installed
  • Can create restore point before uninstalling a software
  • Automatic malicious program removal

PC Decrapifier Free: Cons

  • Cannot segregate programs from the list generated
  • No right click context menu

15: ‘Iolo System Mechanic’ for Windows

Iolo System Mechanic is PC Cleaner Software for Windows offers you to clean your Windows and remove any types of junk files and app that exploit RAM. This software offers privacy protection features as well.

It features ingenious ability to improve the processor speed, liberates internet speed, capabilities to increase driver speed and prevents fragmentation of files.

Iolo System Mechanic: Pros

  • Easy system cleanup
  • Deep cleaning can be done with different scanning activities
  • Protects your privacy
  • Can diagnose more than 3000 PC issues

Iolo System Mechanic: Cons

  • Advanced features are available only in the paid version
  • Email registration is required

16: ‘Razer Cortex’ – Multi-Purpose System Cleaning Tool

Razer Cortex is another PC Cleaner Software in this list. It is multi-purpose cleaning tool offers a multitude of features. This application can be one of the best options to enhance your gaming experience in Windows device.

It optimizes the RAM by removing any types of junk files that wasting your storage space. This software operates by defragging the memory of computer and removing all the necessary processes running the background.

Razer Cortex: Pros

  • Simple interface
  • Free to use with all options
  • Can restore the original setting of PC as the game stopped
  • Can create FPS chart for reviewing your game performance

Razer Cortex: Cons

  • Sometimes the software can install malware
  • .Net framework is essential for using this tool

17: ‘JetClean’ – Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows

JetClean is easy-to-use and user-friendly software scans through the registry of your computer and offers you repair them. It also features Apps Clean, Windows Clean, RAM Clean and shortcuts Clean. In simple words, this software offers you to manage your PC performance by cleaning all drives on hard drive with just one-click.

JetClean: Pros

  • Available as handy version
  • Can identify registry issues
  • Scheduled scanning
  • Accordingly creates registry backups

JetClean: Cons

  • Creates toolbar along with the software
  • More number of cookies

18: ‘Avast Cleanup Premium’ – Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

Avast Cleanup Premium is another of the best PC Optimization Software in this list available in paid version as well as in free version. Its premium version can clean shortcuts, disk residues, registry entries and browser histories.

This PC Cleaner Software is provided with auto-update abilities which can keep the application up-to-date. It is capable of defragmentation for merging fragmented files, and prevents hard disk errors and spruce up registries.

Avast Cleanup Premium: Pros

  • Attractive user-interface
  • Clears junk files from different software
  • Statistic related cleaning ability
  • Multiple optimization tool

Avast Cleanup Premium: Cons

  • The tool is expensive
  • Poor software stability


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