5 Ways to Shutdown Windows 10 without Start Menu

Have you ever tried to Shutdown the OS without using Start Menu? If no but really wants to do that then stay tuned to this tutorial because we are going to guide you on Shutdown Windows 10 without Start Menu. So without any further delay let’s get started with the discussion.

Before proceeding with the methods, it is quite necessary to know that why it is important or why users prefer to shutdown their machine without going to Start Menu.

There are multiple reasons for opting this method, some users go for another trick because of their keen nature and they want to know all the shortcuts to operate their PC and not to mention these tricks also saves time while some users go for this method because their Windows 10 Start button is not working, so different users have different reasons for doing the same.

How to Shutdown Windows 10 PC/laptop without Start Menu?

Method 1: Add a Shutdown shortcut to Desktop

In the very first method we will guide you on how to add shortcut to shut down your PC and to do the same, follow the below mention instructions:

  • Right-click the desktop & select New, then choose shortcut.

  • Then type the below mention line in the location box and tap on the Next Button

shutdown.exe -s -t 00

  • Enter Shutdown in the Type a Next box, and tap on Finish

  • Right-click the shutdown shortcut & select Properties after that press the Change icon button


  • Choose a shortcut icon from the Change icon Window and tap on OK


  • Tap on Apply and then OK buttons in order to add new icon to the shortcut

Method 2: Set Up a Shutdown Batch file
  • Tap on the Windows Search bar, enter notepad and open the app from the results.


  • Then copy the below mention batch code with Ctrl + C hotkey ad then paste it using Ctrl + V in the notepad Window


  • Tap File and then Save As

  • Select All Files from the Save As type drop down menu and then type Shutdown.bat under the text box and press the Save button.
  • We choose to save it on the desktop but you can use other locations

  • Then you can click the batch file to shutdown Windows 10 when required
  • Now you can set up batch file to Restart Windows instead of shutting it down
  • And to do that enter Shutdown –r –t 00 under the batch file instead.

Method 3: Schedule an Automatic Shutdown
  • To do so open Run by using Windows key + R after that type taskschd.msc and tap on OK in order to open Task Scheduler

  • Click on the Action tab>select Create Basic Task

  • Enter a Title in the Name text box (for example shutdown) & tap on Next button

  • Select the Daily option & press the Next button

  • Choose a start date for the scheduled task and enter a time for Windows 10 to shut down
  • We recommend setting it closer to the present time, if you want to shut down your PC faster

  • Then select start a program option>tap on Next button

  • Input the below mention line in the Program/Script text box and enter/s in the Add Arguments box, tap on Next


  • Tap on Finish> Your Windows PC will shut down at the time you select for the scheduled task
Method 4: Use Windows 10 shutdown dialog box
  • In the first step minimize or close the Windows
  • Then press Alt + F4 at the same time>select shutdown from the drop-down menu and tap on OK

It is the quickest and easiest way to shutdown the Windows without Start Menu.

Method 5: Use Windows PowerShell
  • Press Windows + X key together>select Windows PowerShell(Admin)


  • Type the below mention command & press Enter to run it

shutdown /s/f/t 0

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That’s all about Shutdown Windows 10 without Start Menu. If you liked the post then keep visiting this page for more useful tutorials.

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