Apple Working To Bring Ultrasonic In-screen Fingerprint Readers for iPhone

Ultrasonic In-screen fingerprint sensor

Majority Android-based device have In-screen fingerprint reader: What’s about iPhones?

Nowadays, In-screen fingerprint sensor has become one of most common features on Android Smartphone. Some popular Smartphone brand like Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Nokia as well have already released their phone’s model with In-screen fingerprint features support. Since, Samsung (Korean Smartphone maker) was introduced the world’s first device featuring ultrasonic In-screen fingerprint reader with improved accuracy. Now comes to Apple’s phones i.e., iPhones, the company is still waiting to abode the new generation of In-screen fingerprint for iPhone. Let’s take have a look at Apple’s announcement.

Apple and Qualcomm working to bring In-screen fingerprint readers for iPhones

In-screen fingerprint for iPhone

According to report, Apple Company is currently working with Qualcomm Company to bring the best quality In-screen fingerprint scanner for their upcoming iPhones. When we talk about this major feature, it is expected that upcoming iPhone will have similar ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor to Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone. Qualcomm’s 3D in-screen Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is based on what used to be called Sence ID. Rather than existing photographic or capacitive-based fingerprint scanners, ultrasonic fingerprint readers make use of very high-frequency ultrasonic sound. You can’t hear it, but these waves are used to map out the details of use’s fingerprint.

Ultrasonic In-screen fingerprint for iPhone are considered to be faster, safe and work accurately even during wet environment. Moreover, these can unlock the phones in 250 ms and have 1% of maximum rejection rate. As we know that, majority or Smartphone has traditional sensors i.e., 300 microns sensing. But, Qualcomm’s second generation sensors can work up to 800 microns.

Apple trying to overcome flaws in “In-screen fingerprint” for iPhone: Qualcomm Second Generation Fingerprint Reader

Ultrasonic In-screen fingerprint sensor

Apart from this major feature i.e., In-screen fingerprint reader, we have noticed some users’ reports who complains that they are facing problem on their phone with In-screen fingerprint sensors on several occasions. When they tried to unlock their drive using printed 3D fingerprint model, then sensors fails to unlock. Apple needs to overcome these vulnerabilities in Qualcomm’s second generation In-screen fingerprint for iPhone before implementing it on their upcoming iPhones.

At the moment, Apple is working hard with Qualcomm to bring In-screen fingerprint for iPhone. Anyway, we are researching on the matter very deeply and we will defiantly post an update, if it will come in future. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box given below.

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