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Windows 11 KB5020035 Insider Beta Channel Update

Microsoft has great surprises for Windows 11 Insider users with lots features, fixes as well as issues on both Beta and Dev Channels. There are two builds for KB5020035 which are 22621.1020 and 22623.1020. And, if you’re a Beta Channel Insider, you’re probably aware that build 22621.1020 includes new features, whereas build 22623.1020 disables new […]

Windows 11 Build 25252 Insider Preview is now available on the Dev Channel

Microsoft has rolled out a new Insider preview build 25252 for both beta and developer channel of Windows 11. There are lots of new feature and bug fixes included in the build. Several known issues are also discovered in them as well. Read the article to find more about it. One of the features that […]

How to Fix Invalid URL Error on Google Chrome [FIXES]

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world due to how simple to use it is and extensions that can add more features to the browser. Even the best have issues here and there and Invalid URL error on Google Chrome is one of them. Many users are facing this problem while […]

How to Disable Startup Sound on Xbox

If you’ve ever turned on your Xbox system and forgotten to down the level on your TV, the Xbox launch sound can be very startling when it blasts out of your speakers. Fortunately, Microsoft is developing a new option that will allow you to turn off the starting sound. This much-requested feature is now only […]

How to Fix Printer not working after Windows Update [FIXES]

Microsoft delivers frequent updates and patches to their Windows operating system for smoother performance, introduction to new features and bug fixes. However not all update fix the issue, some bring new errors and glitches. Similarly some users have reported of their Printer not working after Windows Update. Upon research, we noticed that this issue is […]

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working [FIXES]

If you are unable to pick any call then you can have the option to let the caller record voice message through Voicemail feature. The voicemail feature can be seen in almost all type of devices including Android. However some users have reported of Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working and they are unable to […]

How to fix iPhone Not Allowing Camera Access to Apps

With recent updates users can choose which application to provide the permissions such as camera, microphone, storage, etc. on their iPhone. However some users have reported of iPhone not allowing camera access to apps due to which they are not getting the prompt for “Allow Access to Camera” option while setting up the application. There […]

How to Fix Bluetooth Is Not Available On This Device [FIXES]

Bluetooth is a core component of Windows Operating system and it is used by all of us for different purposes such as sharing files, connecting wireless devices, etc. However some users have reported that they have been seeing Bluetooth Is Not Available On This Device error message whenever they are trying to pair or connect […]

How to Fix Headphone Jack Not Recognized in Windows 11

Headphones give a more immersive experience when watching a movie or playing video games and you can connect it through a headphone jack. However some users have reported that they have been facing headphone jack not recognized in Windows 11 issue. And due they are not able to use any external audio devices. On research […]

How to Fix Windows Activation Error 0x8007023E [METHODS]

Windows operating system can be used without needing to purchase the activation keys however you will not be able to use the system to its full potential. Recently, some users have mentioned of Windows activation error 0x8007023E message during the activation process on their computer system. Research shows that there are several factors due to […]