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How to Stop Discord from Launching on Startup

Discord is communication platform originally made for gamers to group chat and build communities and talk and connect to people with similar interests. Each community is called a Server where the admin can add people and manage them or categorize them according to their similarities called Channels. These channels can now be customized according to […]

How to Fix Epic Games Launcher High CPU Usage [METHODS]

Epic games is a platform for digital game distribution that could be used to but, download and install games titles and software available on it. The launcher also include game creation platform known as Unreal Engine and some licenced titles from third party developers. Epic Game Launcher is free to download and install on Windows […]

How Do I Create a Microsoft Teams Meeting Link from Outlook [STEPS]

Microsoft Teams is chat based collaboration software with the ability to share documents, organize meetings online and many more features useful for communications with others. Having the space to discuss and make decisions without the need of seeing others physically. This not only save a lot of time but also make is really easy to […]

How to Fix Unable to Summon cooperator Elden Ring [FIXES]

A Role playing action game in third person player format mainly focused on combat and exploration developed by FromSoftware. The game is set into an open world domains consisting of historical places and catacombs. It also gained a massive hype when the payers heard that the story was being written by world famous writer George […]

How to Fix Minecraft Lost Connection Failed to Verify Username [METHODS]

Minecraft is a Sandbox Game, which means that game is not driven by a plot but it is mostly self-directed. An open world environment with various different biomes like snow, desert, mountains, rivers, caves as well as a Nether Realm. The main aspect of the game is to create stuffs during the day and survive […]

How to PowerPoint Zoom In On Picture During Presentation [STEPS]

PowerPoint is easy-to-use presentation graphics software application used to convey information through slideshow with written data, charts and images in it. When making a presentation some slides have lot of information with important and less important aspects. To embrace those small details in these slides we can zoom into it to make the point clearer […]

How to Convert FB2 to PDF [METHODS]

FB2 files can contain images, text, footnote, formatting, tables and Unicode, so it is a popular choice for FictionBook eBook files used by writers. A file type refined for fictional writing that can do other eBook types also. Unlike other eBook files this has only one XML file. Any images used within the book are […]

How to Fix Failed to Initialize BattlEye Service Generic Error [METHODS]

If you have played any online multiplayer game then you have noticed an anti-cheat engine along with the game files. This anti-cheat engine works exactly as it sound, it prevent the cheaters getting into the game with hack files and also caught them if they manage to bypass it somehow. One of the most popular […]

How to Set GIF as Wallpaper in Windows 10/11 [STEPS]

Microsoft Windows Operating System has been a very customizable user interface. It can change theme, accent color, wallpaper and many more. The only caveat with the customization is that the wallpaper applied on the home screen or lock screen can only consist of image format hence you cannot apply other formats like GIF or video […]

How to Fix Roblox Won’t Install on Windows 10 [STEPS]

Roblox is a sandbox multiplayer game where you can create your own world with different mini games in it or join other world to experience their mini game. It is available on various different platforms with the support of cross-platform feature and has millions of active player every day. Many users have complain about Roblox […]