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Windows update failed: What to Do Next?

The Windows update on my Windows 10 OS based laptop refuse to install. My laptop has the auto-update settings enabled. In the update history, it shows the information that auto-update had tried several times to update the OS but Windows update failed all the time. This is a very regular issue and users are asking […]

Fix Amazon fire tablet black screen

When it comes to “Tablet” category, most of the techies choose Amazon Kindle fire tablet as it offers so many excellent features and is priced at a very reasonable price-tag. It is one of the top selling Amazon tablet model. Like any other tech device, issues come with this as well. On the online forums, […]

How to Fix External Hard Drive Beeping

Are you dealing with the external hard drive beeping and not spinning issues with your PC? This issue can occur with the internal as well as external hard drive irrespective of its storage capacity and brands. This kind of sound is a very bad news because this often leads to data corruption. In case, if […]

How to Update Printer Driver Windows 10

Are you looking for an easy way to update printer driver on Windows 10? It happens that when you update your work-station to windows 10 OS from Widnows 8.1, 7 or any other versions, the external accessories connected with the PC especially the printer doesn’t works properly. Unusual error message starts appearing while pairing or […]

How to uninstall system app without root and PC?

One of the most irritating things that every Android user tackles is the irrelevant pre-installed software in their smartphone. Most of the Android Smartphone manufactures especially the Chinese makers such as Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi push a large number of pre-installed apps. They are promoted as cleaner, games, and so on. These pre-installed apps are named […]

How to unblock a website blocked by administrator

System administrator or sys-admins are the one who take care that you don’t waste your time in accessing social sites like Facebook or downloading latest movies or games from Torrent websites while you are in work place whether it is your office, college computer labs and so on. They make sure that any of such […]

How to block no caller id on iPhone?

Are you regularly getting irritated by the unknown callers which usually turn out to be a spammer, telemarketer and so on? Are you wondering how to block no caller id on iPhone? Unknown calls on iPhone are labeled as Private or Anonymous and it is possible to block these unknown callers. In USA, the “Federal […]

Google Meet Schedule a Meeting with Google Calendar

The concept of Google meet is amazing particularly for all those who are working from home in this corona period. It helps user to manage large team remotely with the perks of their home comfort. It works seemingly with G-suite apps like Gmail and Calendar. Google meet allows you to send notification or invitation for […]

Password protect zip file Windows 10 and Mac OS

Unauthorized access to personal sensitive data turns out to be very risky in most cases. It is very important that you block unauthorized access to your personal data stored in any kind of hard-disk, data servers, shared network work-stations, or send via email. It is recommended to password protect zip files in Windows 10 or […]