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How to fix Opera GX installer not working issue

While going through several reputed forums site like Reddit we found that users have frequently reported that Opera GX installer not working. When we dive deep into the error we concluded that the error does not get encountered frequently and don’t have any obvious reason to occur. But as per the reports, users encounter the […]

How to fix Auto Hide Taskbar not working?

Many of us prefer automatically hiding the Taskbar as one can switch between programs and launch the Start Menu with the help of keyboard shortcuts. And we know that Windows 10 allows its users to auto-hide the taskbar and this can be easily enabled in the settings app. But several Windows 10 users have claimed […]

How to fix Lenovo System Update Service High CPU Usage?

In our previous blogs we have been discussed about high CPU Usage related queries and here in this particular tutorial we will discuss about how to fix Lenovo System Update Service High CPU Usage. As per the Reports several users have claimed that they are facing the above mentioned error. So considering those users we […]

How to Zoom in a picture in PowerPoint?

If you are surfing the net since hours to learn how to Zoom in a picture in PowerPoint, then you can totally rely on this blog. Here in this blog we will teach you how to proceed. So without any further query let’s get started. First of all we would like to mention that you […]

How to fix Black Screen when Playing Games Windows 10?

While going through several forum sites we concluded that one query has been frequently reported by the users and that is Black Screen when Playing Games on Windows 10. Several users have shared their grievance that their screen goes black while playing game on their Windows 10 PC and additionally they have claimed that the […]

How to fix Xerox update error 0x800f020b?

While going through several forums site we concluded that Xerox update error 0x800f020b is one of the frequently reported queries so considering the grievances of those users we are here with this blog where we will guide you on how to get past the above mention issue. So without any further delay let’s get started. […]

How to fix Oculus software not installing in Windows?

Are you struggling with Oculus software not installing in Windows? Then don’t panic, keep reading the blog to get past the issues because here in this blog we are going to guide you on the same query. As per the reports several users have claimed that they are unable to install Oculus Software on their […]

How to fix Vmmem High Memory Usage?

Have you heard about Vmmen? It’s a virtual process that the system synthesizes to represent the memory and the CPU resources consumed by your virtual machines. And also Vmmen is responsible for running virtual machine processes & memories. It clearly means that the process is the heart of the virtual machine, and it is where […]

How to fix Slow LAN Speed on Windows 10?

Nowadays Internet has become a crucial part of our lives. And LAN has made the users web browsing experience better. There’s no doubt that the data transfer speed is higher with the LAN Connections in comparison to Wi-Fi. But unfortunately users face Slow LAN Speed on Windows 10 due to various issues. As per the […]