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How to fix Xbox Series X not making sound when turning on, in game and through TV?

Xbox is a gaming console owned by Microsoft. It offers an immersive experience to the users. Games built-in for this gaming console showcase significantly reduced load times, dynamic refresh rate and fascinating visuals.  With its 3D Spatial Sound, it manages to create immersive lifelike experience for the users during the playtime. But, some of the […]

How to turn off icloud photos on iPhone, Mac without deleting everything?

When you purchase an Apple device, like iPhone or Mac, you will get the iCloud functionality, a cloud service from Apple Inc.  Using it, you can keep hold of their pictures and videos even if their device got damaged, lost or stolen. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using this […]

How to fix sims 4 not loading issue xbox, xbox one, ps4, ps5 and Mac?

SIMS 4 users using the game in different platforms such as on Windows, Xbox, Xbox one, PS4, PS5 and Mac are currently facing loading issue. There are many reasons possible why you are dealing with this issue. Some possible culprits are damaged installation, faulty cache issues, problematic third-party applications, antivirus/ firewall causing interference and the […]

How to fix Astro A40 Mic Not Working Xbox one? Not Working Without MixAmp problem?

For the users like professional gamers, like sports athletes, content creators and live streamers, ASTRO A40 is the first choice for a Headset because it provides audio fidelity, comfort and durability. It supports for multiple platforms including Xbox, Mac and PCs. It includes a Mic. Quite recently, several users have reported regarding ASTRO A40 Mic […]

How to fix Razer Nari Ultimate/ Essential Cic not working on discord or Windows issue?

Sounds make a game fascinating. It is useful in creating a gaming atmosphere and thus resulting in lifelike experience for the users. Razer Nari Headset has been performing with this principle since release. People love its 360-degree position sound that creates a spatial awareness in the gaming environment.  Its ergonomic design is yet another feature […]

How to restore data after initializing PS4?

PlayStation 4 (or commonly called PS4) is well known video- gaming console from Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a successor to PS3. It is a sole-heart for many of the users in gaming-community. Recently, we found that many of the PS4 are facing a trouble where they lose their data after initializing the console and […]

How to fix game-shell.exe application error?

Game-shell.exe application error is one of many executable errors associated with missing or corrupted executable file. However, malware infections can even lead to this kind of problem. Such errors appear during the runtime of the associated application or when starting/ closing it. In this post, we have provided complete guide how to fix game-shell.exe application […]