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How to turn on phone without power button Samsung [Updated]

There are some times when essential hardware components go malfunction. Many users have registered compliant about the unresponsive Power button. The Power button might not work either when it’s broken or gone unresponsive. With this article, we present you quick ways how to turn on phone without power button Samsung.  On Samsung, the power button […]

How to fix failed to start denuvo driver error 2148204812?

Hello Dear! I’ve recently noticed that while trying to open my Pro Evolution Socceer 2018, error “failed to start denuvo driver error 2148204812” appears on the screen. What to do? How could I fix it? I would be grateful to you if you help me to get the fix. Thanks in advanced. More on failed […]

How to fix windows error reporting cbspackageservicingfailure2 issue?

Getting crashes errors, corruption of files and other similar problems occur time to time on Windows due to various factors such as incomplete system updates, software installations, outdated drivers and more. However, sometimes, certain Windows error occurs that does not cause any noticeable changes to the system. The windows event error cbspackageservicingfailure2 that we are […]

How to fix Disney Plus keeps buffering and showing timeout errors?

Getting Disney Plus Buffering Timeout error message while streaming is not uncommon issue and people look for necessary actions for the fix. While the problem could be a simple internet issue, however there could be some other problems on your device that can triggers Disney Plus keeps buffering and showing timeout errors. Here are some […]

How to fix crunchyroll not working issue?

Like Netflix, Crunchyroll is an online streaming platform but instead of showing any real-life shows it streams drama and amine. It has millions of downloads and has active development and maintenance. However, there are several instances where the crunchyroll not working. You might be seeing that the video is not loading at all and just […]

How to fix Windows network printer error 0x0000007c issue?

Many users have reported about windows network printer error 0x0000007c on security forums. They state an error with the error code 0x0000007c occurs all the time when they are printing a document or install a printer on their system. This is a connection issue where system can’t connect to printer.  Reportedly, this issue has been […]

How to fix AirPods won’t connect to mac problem?

This article provides you the best proven tips how you can fix AirPods won’t connect to mac issue. It contains a variety of solutions ranging from changing the macOS settings and preferences to software and even hardware tips and tricks to help you in getting the fix. Why my AirPods not working with mac? This […]

How to fix wow error 132 on Windows PC?

World of Warcraft (or WoW) is a multiple online role-play game. It is extremely popular and successful. However, this does not mean that it is perfect. Like any other multiplayer titles, problems, errors and issues are just rampant with WoW as well. The wow error 132 is one of many generic error codes that the […]

How to fix cyberpunk 2077 crashing issue and play game again?

 People who were excited to explore Night City got disappointed after they encounter the cyberpunk 2077 crashing issue occurring persistently.  The game runs exceptionally well for most of the users, but there are some unlucky folks can’t fully enjoy the game because of the crashing issue. In this article, we will explain why this game […]