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How to fix windows 10 stuck on restarting issue?

May Windows 10 users are encountering an unusual problem – they can’t restart their system. When they restart their systems, it ends up with a blue screen with a spinning dot wheel that leads to nothing. The users would have to press and hold power button to forcibly shut down the system. One of the […]

How to fix sims 4 won’t open issue?

There are many reports around us about users experiencing problems with Sims 4 launcher. They found Sims 4 won’t open – the application doesn’t respond and shows no signs of processing. In other word, it appears as the players haven’t clicked on the launcher at all. Furthermore, the Sims 4 play option becomes grayed out. […]

How to fix Apex Legends Engine Error?

‘Apex legends’ is a free to play Battle Royale game from Respawn Entertainment, released on February 2019. Recently,  a number of users has experienced Apex Legends Engine error with error code  0x887A0006 – “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG”. This error is triggered during they launch the game. The error prevents them from playing the game. After they launch the […]

How to fix Overwatch black screen issue?

Blizzard Entertainment’s published and developed, Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter released on May 24, 2016 for Playstation 4, Xbox one and Windows. The players are assigned in two team of six and are selected from a roster of 29 characters. Each one of them has unique style of play and their roles are […]

How to fix Omegle error with camera?

Several users have reported that they are not being able to use the camera with Omegle. The issue is accompanied by an error message: ‘Error with camera: Requested device not found’. Most of the users affected by omegle error with camera said that the camera used to work just fine on Onegle and still works […]

How to fix steam missing file privileges issue?

Users are experiencing an error while updating/ installing their Steam games. They reported that an error message pop-ups stating that steam missing file privileges while they are giving the path to that file. This error can occur because of number of reasons depending on the player’s hardware and software configurations. It is not a major […]

How to fix Skyrim special edition won’t launch error?

Many people reported about Skyrim special edition won’t launch issue. If you are also running on the same boat, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will help you out to get the fix of it by different possible troubleshoots. New era with the Skyrim special edition The release of the […]

How to fix Steam content servers unreachable error?

Most of users recently encountered with a problem where the Steam fails to download for a while. They receive a prompt during the moment that the Steam content servers unreachable. There are many reasons possible for the same because there are many configurations of the users. Below, we have listed some of the best methods […]

How to fix Radeon software and drivers don’t match issue?

Recently, I have encountered Radeon software and drivers don’t match issue. Just after updating its driver, when I tried to open the Radeon graphics card settings, I got the below error message: Radeon Settings version and Driver version do not match. Please try again after updating to the latest version(s). This error mostly occurs when […]

How to get out of safe mode PS4?

With PS4 Safe Mode, you can tackle any troubleshoot errors with just a blink of eye. It is mainly for resolving any issues related to bugs on systems. Also, it is useful in rebuilding the console’s storage database, restoring the device to factory settings and doing lots more. However, there is a drawback that your […]