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Best Proxy Tools For Windows 10 (Complete Protection)

 Proxy or VPN is a utility software that basically allows user to maintain online privacy with more enhanced limits to access the internet. Technically, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which assigns a different IP for internet connectivity on computers to access the internet with privacy. Maintaining your online privacy is very important and […]

Top 5 Mac OSx Malware 2018 (Depth Analysis)

Alike Windows operating system, Apple’s Mac OS is also very popular and being used on a very large scale worldwide. However, the security terms needs to be maintained as well no matter what OS is being used on a PC. If you are a Mac user, then you might need to know that malware developers […]

find wifi password windows 10

Tricks To Find Wifi Password On Windows 10

The term Wi-fi stands for Wireless Fidelity is a brand that described underlying technology of wireless local area network. This technology is now become so popular that hardly an individual will be unaware of this. Through this technology, a number of devices can be connected to a network without requiring any wire, and is being […]

Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe

Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe process Consuming High System Resource

Playing online games is one of the most entertaining means of entertainment that most of the people love to avail. In order to provide users with such great gaming performance through computers, a number of well known companies are working day and night. In my previous article, I discussed about such a gaming platform named “Steam”, […]

samsung camera sensors

Samsung Plans To Debut 32 & 48 Mexapixels Camera Sensors

 Samsung’s top flagship devices generally comes up there with the Pixel when it comes to camera quality, and the korean electronic giant seems to step up this game further. The electronic giant has announced that it’s working on new 48 & 32 megapixel smartphone camera sensors which it seems to be equipped in upcoming […]

Starbucks v5 Updates: Brings More Effortless Payments, Navigation

Starbucks is the most popular US based mobile payment platform that has been always useful for needy ones. With this week, this payment platform releases its new update v5. This new Starbucks update is getting considerably more interactive interface with easier access to barcode scren. It also equips with ability to remember your recently made […]

AT&T Successfully Conducts The First MM Wave Mobile 5G Browsing Session

AT&T conducts the first mm wave mobile 5G browsing session using NETGEAR Nighthawk 5G mobile hotspot successfully. This initiates the next generation of wireless communication standards. The worldwide Telecom giant AT&T reportedly completed the first milimeter wave mobile 5G browsing session as announced by the company in a press release. According to release, the browsing […]

Know How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error

About Steam & Steam Disk Write Error Steam is a widely known platform and an ultimate source to play games, connect with people, create contents, and doing even more. This service offers great range of services to its users to make their entertainment with great features or functions. To avail its functions, a user just […]

Restore Windows 10

How to Restore Windows 10 Easily

The OS, Windows 10 is widely popular among people, and is the latest release by Microsoft corporation under OS development sector. it’s said to be very advanced operating system till date and equipped with a number of amazing features along with high compatibility to applications. Also, using this system software is very easy due to […]

Best Spy App For Mobile Phones: Top Reviews Collection

 Mobile apps or applications are really a significant way to tech lovers, if they are in need of spying, then specific applications developed for spying people through their iPhone or Android devices can really aid them. If you search for best spy apps for android and iphone over the web, you may found endless […]