authenticator not working issue [Explained with setup steps] is a popular game developed by the Blizzard Entertainment. And there’s no doubt that Blizzard has offered so many advantages to its users. And among all the advantages it has introduced Blizzard Authenticator to keep account safe. And we can say that this offer is a cherry on the cake.

By using this app one can assure that their account is completely secure and no one can access the account without their consent. After setting up this app you have to use the authenticator every time you log into the PC. And the best part is it notifies its users when their account was accessed.

But Blizzard Authenticator app is not flawless as it fails to work as intended and many users have reported authenticator not working issue. While going through several forums we concluded that there are some potential reasons that are responsible for throwing this issue. Like backend issues, registered credentials are not properly verified.

Try these fixes for authenticator not working issue?

Method 1: Check your Network

One of the major and most overlooked reasons for facing the above mention issue is unstable connection. So it is imperative to have a stable connection. You can also contact to your Internet Service Provider to get better resolution.

Method 2: Resync Authenticator

Sometimes it happens when users put the right code but still they fails to get the access of your account. So in such case, we suggest you to resolve this situation by resyncing the application.

To proceed with the method, open the Blizzard Authenticator App on your mobile and from the home screen, you will get the resync button under the code. Then tap on that button and after that resync your authenticator with the Blizzard servers. Once done hen see if the issue resolved or not.

It is also possible that you are facing the authenticator error because you are using the wrong code. So ensure to double check the digits ad then try to logging again.

If you can’t find the resync button then tap on the enter code manually which will take you to resync button that will be located at the bottom of the screen.

Method 3: Re-Add the Authenticator

If resyncing the authenticator didn’t works for you then it is suggested to remove the authenticator from your account and then add it again. To do the same go to your account security options and removes the authenticator from there. After that you can add in the authenticator again from the security settings and that should get your app working again.

If you are unable to verify your identity and can’t use the authenticator, seek help from the Blizzard team.

Method 4: Reinstall the Authenticator App

Before proceeding with this method ensure that you have removed the authenticator from your Blizzard account and make a note of the security code. Once you are done with this, try to use the authenticator again.

If in case, it didn’t works for you then try to clear all cache, erase data and uninstall the app & reinstall it to use it flawlessly.

Other Related Queries!

What to do if physical authenticator not working?

Well if you are the one who has entered the security code of physical authenticator correctly on the web page and found it’s an invalid authenticator code then don’t panic.

You only have to make sure that you have entered the Blizzard account credentials correctly and secondly try to reset your password.

But unfortunately if you fails to login even after using the correct credentials then kindly contact the Support as soon as possible.

How to tackle authenticator stuck on setting up?

Don’t worry! Just follow the below mention steps carefully:

Step 1: First of all close any apps running in the background> check that your device is connected to a internet

Step 2: And also ensure that you have enough free space on your device> then try detaching and reattaching your Authenticator

Step 3: Now uninstall the app, restart your device and then reinstall the Authenticator> clear the Authenticator’s data and cache from your device’s app manager. And lastly restart the app and try again.

Note: Remember that attaching an authenticator requires that you enable Phone Notifications.

What to do when authenticator serial number is invalid?

There are thousands of users who have claimed authenticator serial number is invalid. Serial Number is found on the setup screen of the Authenticator and Blizzard need this number from the user if they need to detach the Authenticator from your account. So f you stuck with this issue it is suggested to contact Blizzard Support as soon as possible.

Well that’s all about authenticator not working, we really hope that this blog was enough to resolve your queries and you managed to tackle the situation without any hassle.

Sakshi Anant Author