Best 10 Voice Recorder Apps iPhone 2021: Recording Sound

In this post, we are discussing on 2021 Best 10 Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone and you can choose any app from the list of apps to voice recording purposes. Let’s start the discussion.

What is Voice Recorder Apps?

Voice Recording Tool is important application to record sound/voice electronically and save in digital audio format. This recorded file offers you to listen to the recorded sound. For example, if you are student, then you can use Voice Recorder App to record important lectures rather than taking write notes.

These voice recording apps can be effective for musicians to record practice sessions, writers and journalists capture interviews and can also be used for business purposes and/or personal use. You are allowed to record voice on your PCs, Android, IPhone, tablets and other devices with some Voice Recorder Apps installed.

Keep in mind that not all Voice Recorder Apps offer equal option and the app that is best for you will only depend on what you require to use it for. Some Sound Recorder Apps offer quality of sound recording features. Let’s take a look at list of 10 Best Sound Recorder Apps for IPhone.

2021 Best 10 Voice Recorder Apps iPhone

1: ‘iTalk’ – Voice Recorder App for IPhone

iTalk is app available for iPhone offers you to record audio files and allows to share recorded file directly to SoundCloud. Its free version offers you to record and listen to files only. To unlock many additional features including control options like reverse and fast forward, you have to purchase its Pro or licensed version.

iTalk Voice Recorder App can be used to record lectures, interviews and other simple recording tasks. However, this app not offers you to share recorded voice to someone via email but otherwise, this app is great for basic recording that provides everything you need.

It is easy-to-use and user-friendly interface offers you to select audio quality including good, better and best sound options to record voice. It features access to AirDrop files, add notes to your recordings and saving large number of files.

2: ‘Rev Voice Recorder’ – Available for Free

Rev Voice Recorder is customer-oriented and easy-to-use app available for both iPhone and Android device. It offers you to download this app and record audio files for the free, and it is as simple as pressing a button to purchase transcripts any time you need them for $1.25/audio minute up to 30 minutes at a time.

This app also offers you to trim the audio part from recorded audio file which could help you to delete some negative voice in recorded audio files. However, you can share your recorded sound file to Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and Google Drive.

This Voice Recorder App you can run in background while other apps are being used and can be imported recordings from other iPhone to this app. However, some IPhone users may not like having to pay for each transcription.

3: ‘Voice Memo’ – Voice Recorder App for IPhone

Voice Memo is one of the best Voice Recorder Apps iPhone as preinstalled apps in your IPhone. It offers great array of features that work well for most basic users including file trimming if the video is little too long.

This app can easily be located by going to your iPhone’s ‘Extra’ icon on the home screen. It releases regular updates to improve audio recording quality. This app is also compatible with Apple Watch and already preinstalled on IPhone. However, you can’t share large audio files, can take text notes while recording audio with this app.

4: ‘AudioShare’ – Voice Recorder App for IPhone

AudioShare is another one of the best Sound Recorder Apps for IPhone offers you to record sound with adding music to your recordings. It is the great app for musicians and songwriters and offers you can use your IPhone to make music with this app.

This Voice Recorder App can be used to record, trim and share audio files. You are also allowed to import recordings from other apps on your IPhone, organizes all sound and midi files on your iPhone. Its free version offers only basic functions and to get advanced features, you need to purchase licensed version for $3.99.

5: ‘AVR – Awesome Voice Recorder’

AVR (Awesome Voice Recorder) is another Sound Recorder App in this list offers some advanced features compared to others. It offers you to combine two or more audio files together. This app is easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, has a simple layout that can be handled by both technical and non-technical users.

AVR Voice Recorder App offers some more advanced features for $4.99, and allowing you to tagging of important events during recording. All recordings are saved to same folder that can be saved and password protected.

This app is also compatible with Apple Watch. However, it doesn’t allow you to transfer multiple file to Dropbox and there is lack of instructions on how to work with some functions like combining audio files.

6: ‘Voice Recorder and Audio Editor’ – Best Recording Lectures

Voice Recorder and Audio Editor is one of Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone for recording lectures for school. This app offers you can record your classroom lectures with high-quality audio. With purchased upgrade on this handy app, you can get them transcribed as well with a 80% accuracy rate.

This app offers in-app purchase that will transcribe your recordings and easily saves files on iTune Account. It also features you can use other phone functions while recording. However, this Voice Recorder App has limited editing function only allows deleting, and when recording is stopped, a new file is generated that can lead to long files.

7: ‘AudioNote2’ – Best Voice Recorder Apps for College Students

AudioNote2 is another app in this list offers students of all ages to record lectures and takes notes for the class. This Voice Recorder App acts as Notebook in digital form that has a sound recorder as well. Once you started the recording, the notes will be time-stamped, highlighted and saved in iCloud.

Its free version has only basic functionality for this purpose and to get advanced features, you can enjoy its Pro or licensed version to increase recording quality. You can share recorded voice or file on several platforms like Dropbox, iCloud and others. However, this recording file with this app is not useable on PC because it is saved at ‘RSTD files’. This app is available for iOS version 8 or above.

8: ‘HT Professional Recorder’ – Best Voice Recorder App for Business Users and students

HT Professional Recorder is one of the Best Sound Recorder App for business users that want to record meetings or the students wanting to record their classroom lectures. This app has some really a unsure features including the ability to record conversations in larger rooms if people are talking close to the phone.

Once you hit record, this Voice Recorder App will auto-amplify the voices allowing it to pick up speakers that other apps may not be sensitive enough to catch. This app features you can bookmark important moments throughout the recordings, share recordings via email or iTunes.

This app also features overwrite capability allows dictation connections. However, You can’t record a voice using this app during phone calls, and it could be even better with a transcription feature.

9: ‘Multi-Track Song Recorder’ – Best Voice Recorder App for Musicians and Songwriters

Multi-Track Song Recorder is another of the Best Voice Recorder Apps iPhone in this list offers musicians and songwriters to record as much as four different sounds, and then overlays them on the top of each other.

Once recording is completed, the files are combined and can be edited to play together or start separately. It is easy-to-use and user-friendly interface with great features. This app is available in free and paid version both, and offers you can share recordings to Dropbox, iTunes or email. However, Recording with this app can have echo from other tracks if headphones are not used to record.

10: ‘Voice Record Pro’ – Available for IPhone

Voice Record Pro is IPhone app offers you to record sound with high quality of sound. This app is one of best Voice Recorder Apps for Journalists, writers, and even personal users. It has the ability to customize the attributes of your recordings.

You will be prompted to do this once you press record. This app is available for IPhone for the free and paid version. This app features dedicated silence Detection bar that could help remove dead space from your recordings.

This app includes several editing tools like reverb, echo, distortion and volume. However, it could use an additional feature that allows the recording to be stopped without having to top the screen.


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