Best Audio Recording Software for Windows 10

In this article, you will read list of best Audio Recording software for your Windows 10 PCs in 2018. Audio Production is one of the main parts of Media Production. This software is used by many individuals and professional.  The list covers both type of users either those who want to something advance features or those who wants something basic features of audio recording application. You already know about some of the audio recording software, but some might be best from other. Please read this article completely. I hope that it will help you.

Audio recording software provided by Windows Store:

Voice Record

Voice Record

It is default software of Windows 10 that it use to record any audio from your microphone and save it into local folder of your hard drives. It is just like Windows Voice Recorder, but it offers more functionality in terms of flexibility. You can easily upload your recorded voice to oneDrive of Microsoft directly.

Windows Voice Recorder: default software

Windows Voice Recorder

It is packed with Windows 10 by default. It is simple to use by any users. There is one big button to start recording.  Timer shows the how long the recorded and stop button. It is unique is the feature that lets you mark important moments while recording that you can mark the important point in your recording.

List of Best Audio Recording Software for Windows 10 PCs:

For professional users or business users, there are the best audios recording & editing software available either in free version or paid version. You can see list of software below.

Sound Furge Pro 12: VST3 effect support

Sound Furge Pro 12

Forge Pro 12 supports multi-channel recording with very powerful editing features and series of plug-in to choose from. It is Best Audio Recording Software for Windows 10 that is used by many professionals. One of its key features of this application is VST3 effect support that allows the user to use all sorts of plug-in for audios creation. It creates clear sound recording because of three noise reduction effects. This software can work with 32 channel environment of recorded sound and it easily edits your audio in multi channel environment.

The application provides high quality Direct Stream Digital files and one-touch recording feature as well. In case of speaking of recording, the Threshold recording feature of this software stats recording automatically if any sound detected that exceed certain limit. It supports MIDI timecodes that allows you trigger playback or recording by receiving timecode from some other device.

It is easy to use Event tool to edit multiple audios events in single window screen.  With the help of pencil tool, you can easily edit the waveform.

This audio recording software may helpful you, if you are producing music professionally. You can use this application as free trail, but if you want to continue using it, then you need to purchase its license from its official sites.

WavePad Audio: offers echo, amplifications, noise and more affects to improve audio quality

WavePad Audio

WavePad Audio is one of the best Professional audio recordings & editing application for your Windows 10 OS based PCs. It provides the facility to record, cut, copy and paste the sounds and modifies it by applying some additional affects like amplification, echo, noise and others. This application supports almost all type of audios files including .mp3, .wav, mpc, ape, amr and other files format.

Features of WavePad:

  • It is able scrub, search and bookmark audio for precise editing of sound.
  • Its features are Batch Processing that allows the user to apply the effects or easily convert number of files in single function.
  • It is also called separated and multi-channel recording software.
  • It is able to create bookmarks, regions to search, recall and assemble the segments of long audio files.
  • You can access thousands of additional tools & effects because it support Integrated VST plug-in.
  • Some other feature includes speech synthesis, spectral analysis and voice changer.

Presonus Studio One: support SoundCloud feature

Presonus Studio One

Presonus Studio One has various versions available today. The best one and updated version is costly about $450 which you can download from its official sites. But, free version is also available for recording & editing sounds. Some features excludes in this free version is that it does not allows to import or export MP3, export directly to SoundCloud and other. These features can you get from paid version only.

Free one has limited features, but it still continues to include other advance features like time stretching, Latency, Compensation and others. You can purchase its paid version after trying free software.



Audacity is Best Audio Recording Software for Windows 10 that has been started in 1997 as small project. However, it improves its quality with audio mixing, recording and editing of sounds. Nowadays, it is used by millions of users worldwide for various tasks. Here, you can easily do mixing for your podcasts, convert it into digital recording and other tasks as well. You can easily correct the pitches and remove noise of recorded sound. Additionally, you can add some effects to your sound that makes sound more clear.

Znywave Podium free software

Znywave Podium free software

It is more flexible with rich advance features that other one from list. This application supports VST files as well as other plug-in for extensibility. There is both paid and free versions are available, but free one has some limitations or few features. Free version might slower that paid version. So, you should purchase paid version after using free version for getting more features of sound recording & editing tasks.



Wavasaur has two versions in which one you can easily install and another one it portable with 3.18 MB. It supports various types of audio files format including VST flees. There is lack of fancy features that other software has, but it is available at good price which you can easily get from its official sites.

Leapic Audio Editor software

Leapic Audio Editor software

Leapic Audio is simple to use by any users. But, it has lack fancy features than other ones from the lists. It has limited features of sound recording & editing. It has very simple sound recording tool with effective editing event tools that can easily be applied and fitters to track the audios. You can remove noise and insert silence in your tracks.

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