Best method to fix Warzone error code 6

Know how to fix Call of Duty Warzone error code 6

If you are troubling with Warzone error code 6 and seeking for its instant solution then you will get complete help here in this article. You will get this annoying error in below given manner:

“Download Failed. Download has failed. Do you wish to retry? Error code DIVER. If issues persist, please contact Activision support quoting the error code.”

Call of Duty Warzone error code 6

What is Warzone error code 6 and what are its causes?

Call of Duty Warzone error code 6 has clear symptoms that game client has failed to download and install some updates. Such problems generally occur with gamers using PC. Very less number of Xbox one and PS4 or PS5 gamers have complained about such troubles.

Some of PC users have updated about diver error that seems to have same problems such as error code 6. Both the error pop ups on your display screen and increases your level of anger. But you need to have patience, and work for solution as we have provided below here.

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Reasons behind occurrence of Warzone error code 6

Some of the possible causes for such annoying error that you face while playing Call of Duty Warzone

Updates of system software or Game failure: The main reason for Call of Duty Warzone diver and error code 6 is updates. According to number of researched reports many of PC gamers have started facing error before update has been finished or after complete installation of new updates.

Damaged or corrupted game file: Another problem that causes such error on your computer is damage of vital files that play important role in smooth running of game. You can try for reinstallation of games to check whether problem is fixed or not.

Faulty console network settings: Warzone error code 6 also occurs due to fault in setup of console networks and its settings. You may try to switch from wifi to cellular data to fix such troubles.

How to fix Warzone error code 6 (Call of Duty Warzone diver error)

To get rid out of this trouble, you are suggested to follow solution as given here:

Step 1: You need to check for server problem

If you are having Warzone error code 6 during some update then you first need to check for any on-going server problems. You can visit for official Activision Support page that will help you to know any current server maintenance and outage issues. If you find some issues with server then it is advised to download for update later and check if the problem with COD Warzone has solved or remains same.

Step 2: Restart your router

To fix COD Warzone error code 6, you can check by restarting your router. For this, you need to unplug power source for at least 30 seconds and then plug it everything. Sometimes, unresponsive equipment of network is also responsible for such annoying error.

Step 3: Disable Windows firewall settings

If you are PC gamer and having such error then you can check for solution by disabling Windows firewall. It can help you in case if your game client has been blocked and not allowing you to connect to server. Once problem get fixed, you can turn on Windows firewall.

Step 4: Check for updates and download through hotspot or some cellular data 

Some of gamers playing COD using wifi connection have reported that they are able to fix their problem by connecting to cellular data connection. If you have connected your device with wifi then try to use cellular data and then update or download your game and PC

Step 5: Last, you need to delete and reinstall Call of Duty Warzone

If above mentioned steps gets failed to work then you need to delete and then reinstall COD Warzone. But before going through this step, you need to keep in mind that it takes long time. It consumes more than 100 GB data to download entire game and its updates.

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