Best Tumblr Alternative for Adult Content View

Tumblr alternative Newsgrounds

If you are looking or searching for Tumblr alternative, then you can read this article carefully. After Tumblr ban NSFW adult explicit contents from its platform, many users are looking for its alternatives. You can choose Sharesome, Newgrounds and Pillowfort in replace of Tumblr.

Newsgrounds: A community of artists, game developers, musicians, voice actors and writers

Tumblr’s users are migrating from the app and searching for its alternative because the app began purging account of NSFW artists. You can choose one of best Tumblr alternative Newgrounds which allows you to create or share new blogs. This app has existed for over 20 years now. So, it can be best alternative. What Founder TomFulp said? Here,

If you’ve noticed an influx of new artists on Newgrounds over the past 24 hours, it’s because Tumblr began purging accounts of NSFW artists. Some of these removals may have been an accident on Tumblr’s part but regardless, there’s been a migration to Newgrounds

Sharesome: free adult social community

Sharesome is new adult social platform which helps you to connect with your favorite performers. It allows you to create free account, check your favorite porn stars, private world and other features as well. Company describe about Tumblr alternative Sharesome here,

Sharesome is an adult social platform that helps you connect with your favourite performers. Better yet, think of us as a community where your kinks are finally free to run wild. Here at Sharesome we try to create an environment where you are welcomed no matter what your fantasies are, allowing you to create a free account and check out your favorite pornstars’ private world or, who knows, even become one

Pillowfort: A Better Social Media Platform

Pillowfort is very interesting new blogging platform that’s currently in beta. As you known that Tumblr iOS was taken down due to several reasons. In that case, you can choose Tumblr alternative Pillowfort as replacement.

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