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PewDiePie anti-semitic shout out

PewDiePIe response to allegation of anti-Semitic shout out and The verge

As you know that PewDiepie’s fans are not happy with latest YouTube Rewind 2018 video in which it not mentioned most impactful YouTubers like PewDiePie. Actually, PewDiePie Channels has more than 75 millions of subscribers that’s why some of its competitors are trying to take down PewDIePie. But they can’t know that the Channel has […]

Simplisafe glitch

Simplisafe app not working: Numerous users reported

  According to reports from users, Simplisafe app is not working either mobile app or web app. Some of Simplisafe’s users have tweeted with @Simplisafe about their problems. As you known that Simplisafe is one best Bosten based wireless home security System Company which has numerous users worldwide. But some users are reporting that Simplisafe […]

PieDiePie Promoted E;R

PewDiePie Overtakes YouTube Sports in subscribers, PewDiePie Promoted E;R

There is both good as well as bad news coming for fans of PewDIePie YouTube Channel which has crossed over 75 million subscribers on YouTube. At first comes to good news; PewDIePie has defeated the YouTube Sports channel in terms of Subscribers. PewDiePie has announced himself the news on twitter and his words give the […]

Gmail Filter issues

Gmail Filters Not Working? Google To Fix It

Updates On Gmail Filters Not Working Through current news and social media reports, a large number of Gmail users are suffering chaos. This seems a bad time for users as Gmail filters not working properly. Even Google has explained this issue should be fixed sooner. Filter option in Gmail account basically enables a user to […]

YouTube Rewind 2018 Videos Disliked

YouTube Rewind 2018 Videos Disliked by Many, Video Now Promoted Through Ads

Report says that YouTube’s “Rewind 2018” videos last week has become the most disliked video ever on YouTube. According to most of users, video opened mostly to unlikely or negative reviews and complained that there is absence of some of the most impactful YouTube Channels like PewDiePie. That’s why videos is getting thumb down from […]

YouTube Library Tab broken

YouTube Library Tab not working and Sidebar menu missing: Users says

The recent report says that there are two separate problems occur related to YouTube service. The first one is about YouTube Android app wherein its Library tab is not working and showing an error alert on Smartphone screen. And the second on is about YouTube Desktop users where YouTube Sidebar menu missing. Let’s take have […]

ShowBox is Back

ShowBox Update: Users’ response App working again

The news is coming for Showbox’s users is that the ShowBox is back. Report says that the app was disappeared from Stores due several reasons. Many users were tweeted about the app is not working and getting connection error messages on their Smartphone. According to reports, Showbox may not be completely dead after all. (For […]

OnePlus 6t navigation gestures

Know How to use gesture in OnePlus 6t (Tips and Tricks)

OnePlus 6t navigation gestures are a very useful feature that allows its users to quickly access the apps and features that it offers. With OnePlus 6t fingerprint gestures, users can do various task very quickly including the tasks like taking screenshot, waking up the phone screen, muting the call and so on. OnePlus 6T offers […]