How to Synchronize YouTube Music with Spotify Playlists

“YouTube Music” and “Spotify” both are both popular music streaming services which are liked & used by numerous users worldwide. Spotify music streaming platform offers around 40-50 million of songs from Bollywood music international while YouTube Music also offers huge collections of songs. If you are using both Spotify and YouTube Music services, you can […]

Free Download Logitech Webcam Driver Windows 10 [Steps]

Here, we are discussing about “Logitech Webcam Driver” in details and providing easy steps/methods to download/install driver for your Logitech Camera on your Windows device. It is recommended to download and install camera driver associated with your Logitech camera. If webcam driver is not installed, then you might face several problems with your webcam including […]

Fix Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter Issues

If you are facing Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 wireless network adapter issues on your PCs/Laptops after updated your Windows 10 to its latest version, then you are in right place. In this article, we are discussing about Qualcomm QCA9377 driver issues and providing some recommended tips to fix this issue. Let’s starts the discussion. What is […]

How to Change Facebook Password without Old Password

If you have forgotten your Facebook Account Password or just want to change it, then you can read & follow our instructions to do so. In this article, we are discussing on “How to Change Facebook Password without Old Password” and providing some easy & recommended steps for this. Let’s starts the discussion. About Facebook […]

Fix 0x80070652 Update Error On Windows 10: Working Instructions

Although many people using Windows operating system manage to update their machine flawlessly, some of them also end up to face off error messages on screen like 0x80070652 error code. If you have unfortunately started to see this error code as well while installing latest Widows 10 updates, then there might be something wrong during […]

Logitech Camera Driver Download and install on Windows 10

“Logitech Camera Driver” is software required to communicate your Logitech Camera device with your Operating System which you have. For example, if you have Logitech C270 HD Camera and want to use this camera in your Windows 10 64-bit Operating System, then you need to download and install driver software for Logitech C270 camera for […]

How to Download Canon EOS Utility and Install on Windows 10

“Canon EOS Utility” is software allows you to control or manage your Canon EOS camera on your computer. This software offers to control the setting of your camera and perform remote commands and use your DSLR device in smarter way. In this article, we are discussing on “How to Download Canon EOS Utility on Windows […]

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