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USB keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

5 Ways to Fix USB keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting Issue on Windows 10

If you are facing USB keeps disconnecting and reconnecting problems on Windows 8, 10 or other version of Windows, then be careful. It might possible to get this issue due to hardware or driver related troubles. In that case, you may be unable to access the drive, and then you will surely fear that files […]

Apex legends lag

Ways to Fix Apex legends lag: Reduce Server and Lag Problems

In previous article, we have already discussed about Apex legends won’t launch issue wherein we have mentioned the genuine reason for this problem as well as provide 8 easy ways to fix apex legends errors. Now comes to Apex legends lag, Lag is arguably one of worst things that can happen to you in any […]

your pc did not start correctly

Easy Methods To Fix Your PC Did Not Start Correctly Issue (Complete Solutions)

Have you ever encountered an issue where your PC did not start correctly after booting it? Automatic Repair screen message appears on your system. If you are seeing this message continues on your System screen then you are highly advice Please follow the below easy methods that may help you fix the issue. Know How […]

Apex legends crash

8 Ways to Fix Apex Legends won’t launch issue on PCs

Apex legends the Latest Battle Royal Game challenging PUBG and Fornite in terms of fans/players No doubt, Apex legends is gaining huge popularity among users worldwide and has achieved 25 million registered players in just one week after launch. When we talk about other Battle Royal game i.e., PUBG and Fortnite, both the game has […]

can't create new folder on desktop Windows 10

Fix Can’t Create New Folder On Desktop Windows 10: Learn How

Can’t Create New folder On Windows 10 Desktop? Let’s Learn To Fix It About the Issue: Based on many reports from Windows 10 users, it’s found that the OS not allowing them to create a New Folder on desktop. Actually, when it’s clicked right mouse button on desktop to create a new folder, they get […]

skype running in background Windows 10

Skype Running In Background Windows 10? Termination Tips

How To Stop Desktop Or Preview Skype Running In Background Windows 10 When it comes to video calling, probably there are many apps and services in IT industry which allows you doing so. However, the Skype is one of the oldest service provider which offers app for video calling along with many features like calling […]


Know How To Fix WinWord.exe Application Error From Windows System

I am getting WinWord.exe application error message during the installation of Microsoft Office application. So that I couldn’t completely install MS office.  I don’t know what is it and how to fix WinWord.exe application error in Windows. Please help me:  What Is WinWord.exe Application Error? WinWord.exe is an executable file that is associated with MSDN […]

fix 100% disk usage Windows 10

Assistance To Fix 100% Disk Usage Windows 10 (Windows Issue)

Windows 10 operating system is really amazing to offer great features and flexibility to users. Although its every feature sounds well, still some commonly reported problems makes it sometimes annoying. Experts recommend to keep a system periodically tweaked with various utility apps to keep it running error free. However, coming to this article, here we […]

Google advised Install Windows 10 to fix Chrome Zero-Day Bug

Recently, Clement Legine from Google’s Threat Analysis Group has published an article wherein he has mentioned the details of major security risk on Chrome browser. Since, Google has released Chrome Zero-Day Bug fixes and suggesting the users to update their browser immediately to escape any security threat. At that time, the company did not give […]

Reddit down service unavailable (error 503)

Know How To Fix Reddit Down Service Unavailable (Error 503)

Are you getting Reddit down service unavailable (error 503) please read trouble shoot instruction carefully  to fix this annoying issues quickly. . Reddit is a genuine and useful website that  was started in 2005 as a only desktop site but it hs since moved to including an IOS app as well as an Android.  You […]