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Best Audio Recording Software for Windows 10

In this article, you will read list of best Audio Recording software for your Windows 10 PCs in 2018. Audio Production is one of the main parts of Media Production. This software is used by many individuals and professional.  The list covers both type of users either those who want to something advance features or […]

Know How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error

About Steam & Steam Disk Write Error Steam is a widely known platform and an ultimate source to play games, connect with people, create contents, and doing even more. This service offers great range of services to its users to make their entertainment with great features or functions. To avail its functions, a user just […]

Restore Windows 10

How to Restore Windows 10 Easily

The OS, Windows 10 is widely popular among people, and is the latest release by Microsoft corporation under OS development sector. it’s said to be very advanced operating system till date and equipped with a number of amazing features along with high compatibility to applications. Also, using this system software is very easy due to […]

Know how to fix hkcmd.exe error on Windows

If you are getting “Cannot find c:\\winnt\\system\\hkcmd.exe” error on Windows PC and seeking for its removal guide then you are at right place. The solution as given in this guide will allow fixing this trouble sooner. Complete details about hkcmd.exe file hkcmd.exe is a legitimate executable file that has been developed to control keyboard shortcuts […]