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server stumbled

How to get rid of windows store error server stumbled issue

  Windows store error server stumbled message often appears on PC screen when user opens the Windows store and go for downloading something. This issue normally occurs when you upgrade your Windows OS to the newer version which is Win 10. Many users have reported that as long as they were running earlier versions of […]

Windows 10 Taskbar not working fix

Know How To Fix Broken Taskbar Windows 10

This technical article is going to discuss a very commonly reported issue about Windows task bar and allows you to learn how to fix broken taskbar windows 10. So, if you see your Windows task bar is not working properly, unresponsie or frozen, the article might help you getting easy fix. We hope you would […]

windows store

How to fix windows store error 0x8000ffff issue

Windows store error 0x8000ffff issue normally occurs on Windows 10 PC systems when user tries to update some applications or features through the Windows store. Windows Store is one of the most used apps as it allows users to download applications including Windows 8/10 updates, music files and so on. Nevertheless, while if you are […]

why is feature update to windows 10 version 1709 failing

Fix Feature update to windows 10 version 1709 failed to install (Multiple Process)

This article discusses the issue regarding feature update to Windows 10 version 1709 failed to install. If you are new to Windows 10 then you may be wondering what is feature update to Windows 10 version 1709. This is also known as “Fall Creators Update”. This update provides security improvements, fixes many bugs and provides […]

windows 10 store error code0x80072ee7

Fix Windows Store Error 0x80072ee7: Top Solutions

Windows store error 0x80072ee7 is one of the mostly reported and common issue by Windows users who recently upgraded their OS. According to users, when they processed Microsoft update and tried to connect Windows store, it failed and displayed 0x80072ee7 unspecified error on screen. Facing this error means Windows store app is unable to connect […]

How to Fix High CPU Usage by sppsvc.exe

How to Fix High CPU Usage by sppsvc.exe (Complete Tutorial)

If you are the regular user of Windows Operating System and you have experienced high CPU usage by sppsvc.exe, then you need to solve this issue immediately. It is important for you to know about the behaviors of sppsvc.exe program in your System as well as how to fix high CPU usage by sppsvc.exe on […]

Something went wrong facebook

Fix “Facebook something went wrong” Generic Error

“Facebook something went wrong” is one of the most common generic error which may appear on screen if this social media is opened. If you come to see this error somehow, then it will seem really frustrating because you failed to access your own profile. The situation may turn worse even if you don’t know […]

Proper guide to fix windows defender error code 0x800b0100 issue

Windows defender error code 0x800b0100 generally appears on the system screen when user tries to install Windows updates. It happens due to the presence of some type of malware or virus inside the PC or there might be various other reasons. In such circumstance, you are prevented from installing any updates because whenever you try […]

ndistpr64.sys error fix

Fix ndistpr64.sys error: Tech’s Magic Solution

Ndistpr64.sys error or DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is a BSOD error that reportedly occurs on Windows operating system. If this error appears on your system as well, then it might be possible some driver files are damaged or corrupted or just ndistpr64.sys failure while being laoded. Usually, this error appears on screen while windows is in booting phase, […]

your device is missing important updates

Fix Windows update error your device is at risk (Tutorial)

Have you noticed Windows update error your device is at risk on your System? This error occurs in your machine due to outdated and missing some important security program in your computer. In process to update the latest version of Windows i.e., Windows 10, you may get the message like “your device is missing important […]