Common workarounds for chromecast available for specific video sites error

People are having a hard with the cast from their chrome on various devices. They have reported about the “Chromecast available for specific video sites” error message on your screen when they try to cast desktop from PC to chromecast. It is the case when only certain sites support.

Read the article throughout for the complete guide what you should do in this case to solve this problem.

Little about chromecast available for specific video sites error

There are multiple ways to cast from your phone to your TV. But, you may not know that casting TV with computer is also possible. There is one caveat that your streaming device should Google Chromecast in it.

Nowadays, most devices like Rokus, will accept video sites such as YouTube and Netflix only your device support the Chromecast. If you fulfill this condition, you can easily cast any websites from your web browser simply by using the cast… menu from the three dot kebab menu on the chrome.

Chromecast can have upgrades with each version. The latest chromecast update comes with its own interactive and feature-rich OS called Google TV. But, still the older iterations of the Chromecast continue to be in circulation.

However, there are several complaints recently reported concerning about the function that it is designed for, i.e., casting. On trying to cast desktop from PC to chromecast, people are receiving the error message “chromecast available for specific video sites”.

I am trying to cast from my mac but get the error “Available for specific sites” when selecting tab (or any other source) to cast. This error used to be “Source not supported.” I can cast video from embedded websites like youtube but can’t cast tabs. Can someone please help?


Can’t cast F1TV to my TV from Chrome. I’m getting an “available for specific video sites” error. Does anyone have any idea how to fix it? Casting from YouTube still works fine.

As already said, the issue implies that only certain sites support casting. This is because of certain limitation and hence you should not to bother much. However, the one thing that we make you clear that the issue has recently been detected and hence is indeed legit.

Moreover, the issue is not limited to certain particular chromecast model and thus even the latest Chromecast with Google TV is also affected. Nonetheless, if you are having “chromecast available for specific video sites” error, we have a few workarounds for you that can check below.

Workarounds for chromecast available for specific video sites error

Uninstall the recent updates

This method works for so many users. The complete steps to uninstall updates to the Chromecast and restore to its previous version are provided below:

  • Go to your TV settings,
  • Choose Apps section,
  • Scroll down to find view system apps option and click on it,
  • Select Chromecase Built in the page appears,
  • Choose the option says Uninstall all updates,
  • After then, restore to the factory version.


You will be then see that chromecast available for specific video sites problem goes away and you are able to cast as normal.

Adjust Chrome flags

You can refer the officially recommended workarounds that have worked for some users. Another workaround is to adjust device’s date/ time.

Adjust Device date/ time

Make ensure that the system’s date and time on all the devices are set right and are in sync. Correct it if you see it is not and then restart the Chromecast and check for the error if resolved.

Check the system date/time is accurate on the device you’re casting from. Might need to reboot the chromecast after too. Anyway this fixed it for me.

Sakshi Anant Author