Complete guide on can’t turn off Touchpad windows 10 (How to disable Touchpad in windows 10)

Touchpad performs the same job for the laptop as the mouse on a desktop computer. Touchpad is also called trackpad. Touchpad is used to control the mouse pointer which is also known as cursor. In this particular write-up we are going to discuss can’t turn off touchpad windows 10 or can’t disable Touchpad in windows 10.  And if you want to use an external pointing device then you are at the right place. Keep reading the blog.


What is the need to disable Touchpad?

 As we all know that it is just not possible to disconnect the touchpad from the machine but thankfully we have the option for disabling it. But the question is what is the need for disabling it if it’s an inbuilt pointing device .Most of the users prefer mouse as their pointing device over touchpad, because somewhere touchpad interrupts while working on a document which is quite annoying. Some users also claim that using mouse as a pointing device can give long life to your Laptop or some users also claim that mouse works faster than touchpad. Different users have different reasons for choosing mouse over touchpad.  If you are looking a suitable fix for yourself then check out the below mention guidelines:

Method 1: Disable Touchpad thru Mouse Properties

You can try to disable your touchpad via Mouse Properties. And to do so follow the below mention steps:

  • First of all open Start menu>navigate to Settings>Devices
  • Then select Touchpad or Mouse & Touchpad on sidebar
  • Choose Additional Settings

  • Simply switch to Device Settings tab
  • You need to select your touchpad in the Devices section >select Disable


We also suggest you to tick the box next to Disable internal pointing devices when external USB pointing device is attached. It will deactivate your touchpad automatically whenever a mouse is connected thru Bluetooth or USB.

Method 2: Disable Touchpad via Settings App

One of the easiest and fastest methods to disable the touchpad is by disabling it via Settings app. And to do so you can follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Firstly open the Start menu>select Settings


  • Then select Devices


  • After that select Touchpad or Mouse & touchpad on sidebar

  • Then turn off the switch in Touchpad in order to deactivate it


On the other hand, untick the box next to Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected option.  It will pop up Windows 10 to disable touchpad automatically whenever a mouse is connected via USB.

Method 3: Disable the Touchpad by Changing the Registry

If you are still struggling with can’t turn off touchpad windows 10 then you can try to disable it by modifying the system registry and to do so follow the below mention guidelines:

But keep in mind before proceeding with the modification process you are highly recommended to back up your Registry, if a mistake occurs during the modification then you can restore it easily and prevent yourself from any other problem.

  • Press Win + R key together to open the Run box>type in regedit >select Ok


  • After that copy & paste the below mention path under the Registry Editor’s address bar:


  • Then press Enter


  • Now double-click registry entry categorized Enabled


  • You need to Enter 0 as value >select OK


  • Finally exit the Registry Editor

Note: If you want to reactivate it after some time then follow the above steps again but this time you have to set Enabled registry keys value to 1.

Method 4: Update the Touchpad Drivers

You are reading this it means the above three didn’t works for you. Don’t get panic. You can try to update the touchpad drivers. You have two options for updating your drivers one is automatic and another manual. In order to manually update your drivers you need to visit the manufacturer website and find the driver compatible with your OS. But remember this process needs technical skills and the process is lengthy. So we would not suggest you to go for manual method if you don’t have required technical skills.

You can update your driver with an Automatic Driver Tool. This too will update your drivers with the most compatible one in just few clicks. You don’t need to invest a lot of time and patience into it.

⇓Download Automatic Driver Tool Here⇓

Method 5: Update your Windows 10 with the latest Version

We would also suggest you to update your Windows Laptop with the latest version. Updating may fix many software glitches. To do so you can follow the guidelines below:

  • First of all, open the Start menu > navigate to Settings> Update & Security
  • Select Check for Updates in order to scan for updates


  • Then select Download & Install to install the updates. Once done then restart your device simply
Method 6: Disable Touchpad with Device Manager

You can also disable the Touchpad using Device Manager and to do so follow the guidelines below:

  • On your keyboard press Win + X keys >select Device Manager


  • Then expand Mice & other pointing device
  • Now right-click the touchpad driver >select Disable device


If you have various instances of generic HID compliant mouse driver, so you may want to disable them one by one till you come across entry which relates with your touchpad.

Method 7: Disable Touchpad thru BIOS or UEFI

We suggest you to go for this method only if you know everything about it. After researching on it you can proceed with this method. Steps for disabling touchpad via BIOS or UEFI:

  • Enter into BIOS or UEFI on your laptop
  • Search for an option called Touchpad or Internal Pointing Device under each tab of BIOS or UEFI


  • Then press Enter key >select Disabled >save the changes> exit BIOS.


That’s all about can’t turn off Touchpad windows 10. I have tried my best to provide all the possible information regarding how to disable Touchpad in Windows 10. Now you may follow the above instructions to help yourself and I really hope the guidelines will help you.

Apart from this, if you have any queries or concerns regarding this write-up then don’t hesitate in sharing on our Facebook & Twitter Page. Thanks for your time. Have a great day.

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