Covaxin and Covishield; its efficacy, dosage and price

DCGI, Drug Controller General of India, the head of Central Drugs Standard Control Organization of the government of India approved usage of Covaxin and Covishield as Coronavirus vaccines in India.

These vaccines will be used as “restricted emergency use” in the country. Like in U.S., where Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were administered after receiving the node from the health organization, in India as well, this process is soon to begin and soon the government start driving the vaccination to the population.

 Covaxin and Covishield; all you need to know

Covaxin is a collaboration of Bharat Biotech and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – National Institute of Virology (NIV). The vaccine’s phase I and II Human Clinical trails’ approval process and trial beginning in the country were started from July 2020 onwards. In the phase III clinical traits, total 26,000 participants from over 25 centers over the world approved for it.

We will have the efficacy data of the Covaxin in February 2021. The vaccine is tested on monkeys and hamsters and the results were that an ample supply of immunity is provided to their body by it to fight against the coronavirus disease.

According to the president of the Quiality operation at Bharat Bitotech, Sai D Prasad, the Covaxin will have 60% efficacy. He said, the technology is known for safer and proven results and so it is far better than any unproven vaccines in a response of asking about the touted 90-95% efficacy from Pfizer and Moderna.

 It is early to say on the Covaxin dosage since the last phase of human traits has not yet completed. However, as per the Bharat Biotech, the efficacy of the vaccine can be determined in 14 days after the fist dosage. It is expected to be available in price around 350.

Covishield from Oxford

Covishield Coronavirus vaccine is developed by Oxford University and AstraXeneca. In India, Serum Institue of India (SII) conducted its manufacturing and trails. The vaccine is prepared on the model of a common cold virus (adenovirus) causes infection in Chimpanzees. The trials of the vaccine were started back in May. Unlike Covaxin, all its three clinical trials have successfully completed.

Talking about their Dosage, as per the Subject Expert Committee, Covishiled requires two doses to be efficient against the novel Coronavirus. The doses are recommended in an interval of 4-6 weeks. Its around Rs 400 costs per dosage. However, the data about its pricing has not yet confirmed.

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