Cryptocurrencies continue to skyrocket

All across the board, there have been polar yet confronting opinions regarding the future of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins in particular. However, certain economists and Scholars in this crypto industry do not seem to share the same level of enthusiasm. In response, the stocks related to cryptocurrency were in a major jump. Other than this If you want to invest in bit coins then you can visit online trading platforms like

 We can always see the  gains by Bitcoin miners, such as Marathon Patent Group and Riot Blockchain, which were highly growing and then few digital companies weren’t showing gains despite the recent reform, the crypto market continues to enjoy a tremendous rise where the peaks of Bitcoin (P 0.001) and Ethereum (P 0.001) have exceeded 8 %, while the two currencies have gone up 3.7%.

An Indian Insight on Crypto Investment

India is fascinated towards cryptocurrency and trading at rate of $28,280 after commencing the year at around $16,000, marking its best quarterly performance in two years. The current level of price appreciation of major cryptocurrencies throughout the globe in the first quarter of 2023 is a relief for all the Indian crypto investors who had suffered significant losses throughout 2022. The late investor movement in a group of investors and those who had re-invested in a different sector, used this bounce back to escape from digital assets. However, The Indian government has conveyed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to jointly prepare a technical paper on crypto assets that could be useful input for forming a coordinated and comprehensive policy to regulate crypto assets. As the RBI Governor of India, Shaktikanta Das delivered the 17th K P Hormis Commemorative Lecture, he said that the developments again highlighted the need for prudent regular stress tests, asset-liability management, and molding up of capital buffers.

DOGE coin climbs up to 30% after Elon Musk’s tweet

Dogecoin (DOGE) has reportedly soared more than 30% after Twitter changed its former logo to DOGE’s logo. Elon Musk defends his claims that dogecoin is part of a pyramid scheme with a lawsuit filed in the US Supreme Court. This week, traders invested in Dogecoin before Musk’s appearance on SNL, betting that Mask would have a skit featuring Dogecoin, which would raise the price soaring even higher. Dogecoin, which was initially started as a joke, has become the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency, with a total circulation of almost $100 billion. In The past week alone, Dogecoin has Doubled in value, up nearly 1,000% in the past month.

A hefty worth of $1.7 billion Bitcoin will be sent to the moon as an exploration incentive

LunarCrush, a social intelligence company specializing in the crypto chain ecosystem, announced its plans to send a cryptography treasure box worth 62 Bitcoins(BTCs), equivalently about $1.76 million at the time of writing, to the Moon. The Bitcoin Reward, named Nakamoto_1, will only be accessed by the first spaceman to reach the moon and will be engraved on a private key to a crypto wallet on a lunar outpost MAPP Rover, and launched into the future. In particular, the project aims after the printing process for the private keys that were attached to the rover to ensure complete transparency. Once The Moon Outpost MAPP Rover lands on the Moon, the reward can be given to anyone on Earth who can plan and execute to reach the Moon.

The U.S.government is expected to sell 41,500 coins related to the Silk Road in 2023

The U.S. government has reportedly sold over 9,861 Bitcoins as of  March 14, 2023, generating more than $215 million. 41,490 BTCs have remained from more than 51,000 captured in November and are reported to be sold in four batches.

While checking the recent researches The U.S. Government, it’s quite clear that the claim made by the US Government  is quite high and where the profit scale is also a data which needs to be appreciated. Given the recent price increases in bitcoin, the sale of bitcoin is expected to attract significant investor interest. The cryptocurrency climbed to over $64,000 early this year before undergoing a sharp correction. Some experts believe that the sale of stolen bitcoins will not have a significant impact on the wider market, given the size and liquidity of the market.

MicroStrategy sums up 1,045 Bitcoins to its robust crypto reserves

As of April 5, 2023, MicroStrategy has over 140,000 BTC and has purchased an overall $4.17 billion at an average price of $29.803 per BTC. The company recently repaid the Silvergate loan and purchased over 6,500 BTC around late March 2023. Its bitcoin strategy seems to be average dollar cost, but with a large amount of money. The latest purchase brings MicroStrategy’s total bitcoin to more than $12.6 billion, proving its trust in the long-term potential of the cryptocurrency.  You can buy cryptocurrency from Bitcoin Smart .

The leader of Thailand’s opposition party promises to drop $300 in crypto if elected as the new  prime minister

The Thai Prime Minister Candidate promised 10,000 Thai Baht (approximately $300) in digital currencies to all citizens of his party-formed government in the May General Election. The former renowned real estate agent turned candidate Srettha Thavisin ceases to promise an income caricature of economic stimulus package through the “digital currency”. Thavisin claims that this new measure will provide some basic economic relief to Thais and equip them with the new age currency for those who are trapped with some of the highest household debt in the region.