Eurocom launches the world’s first PCIe 4.0 laptop

When it comes to laptops, the manufacturer often fails to integrate high-end specs due to space limitations. Even if they manage to do it, they often face severe compatibility and overheating issues. Thanks to Eurocom as they have managed to use the PCIe 4.0 on their laptop. In layman’s terms, now their laptops can use high-end hardware without facing any major overheating or compatibility issues.

You might be thinking about why such a high-end laptop exists. If you think the sole purpose of these kinds of laptops is to attract gamers, you are on the wrong side. Many advanced users often need high computing power as they know without having high computing power, they will fail to complete their desired task within the stipulated time.

Internal hardware

In the Eurocom laptop, users can expect to see RTX 3060 to RTX 3080 graphics cards. So, there is no way the users are going to have a tough time rendering high-end videos or playing games. The users can also install a maximum of 128 gigs of ram in their device with a bus speed of 2666 or 3200 MHz. If you intend to use two separate ram modules, we strongly suggest that you select the 3200 MHz as it will give you the best performance.

Support PCIe 4.0 slot

The premium laptop supports four PCIe slots. Compared to the PCIe 3.0 SSD slots, the PCIe 4.0 can handle data two times faster. So, you no longer have to think about the performance issue of the solid-state drive. It’s true, if you install any program or games on your device, it takes a large portion of storage but it is not going to affect the Eurocom laptop. You can easily increase the storage by using the PCIe 4.0 slot and thus enjoy the free premium storage. Always remember, you need to use the best quality NVMe SSD in the market as it will make the data transfer process smoother. Never try to use cheap quality products with a premium laptop.

Safety features

Some people will often overlook the safety features by seeing the jaw-dropping specs of the laptop. But always remember, the hackers are constantly trying to access your information. Find the best VPN service you can use on your Windows and you will not regret it. Equipping your device with the advanced VPN service will allow you to take critical steps with a great level of ease. You will be able to access the online world by hiding your identity. Never think that you don’t have to worry about your security just because you are using a premium laptop.


The gaming laptop also features a great level of connectivity. It has one 3.2 type c port, three USB 3.2 type A ports, HDMI 2.0, Lan, and thunderbolt ports. So, if you have this laptop, you won’t have to worry about connectivity issues. You can also connect SPDIF optical device to this port and enjoy premium audio without having any major issues. Though connectivity is a great issue for this laptop, you should not worry. At times, you might have to wait for few seconds when you plug in a new device as the driver will get automatically installed.

Though it has multiple ports, still you should not occupy all these ports with unnecessary gadgets. For instance, you can easily charge four smartphones with this laptop but there is no point in doing it as you can always use the standard charger. But in some specific cases, you might have to do it and that’s completely fine.


When it comes to performance, you should be certain that this thing is going to be a monster in its field. Even if you use the base version of this laptop, you should be able to play stunning games without any frame rate drop. The power back is also very optimized for this laptop and you won’t have to think about it twice. However, compared to the business laptop, you are not going to get the long hours as this device is equipped with some of the top-notch hardware you can find in the market. Thus, it would be better not to expect heavy power backup from this device.