Facebook announces selfie mode for its Messenger app

facebook maessager camera modes

In this holiday season, Facebook has intrudes a number of new features for its Messenger app. Users have been offered with Facebook messenger selfie mode which automatically blackens the background. The app has also provided users built-in support for looping Boomerang videos and an amplified reality feature through which, you can place Messenger’s stickers in your videos and photos. Initially, this video looping effect got so much popularity on Instagram and therefore, the company has now brought it to the Messenger as well.

After the addition of these features, the Facebook messenger camera modes have now five different styles- normal, text, video, selfie and boomerang. It has added new holiday-themed filters and also the enlarged reality stickers to the app. According to the experts, every day the camera effects on Facebook Messenger are used by over 20 million individuals.  Now, you can see all five modes within Messenger app. Additionally, colour background and new fonts have also been added to text mode. The Facebook messenger selfie mode also carries a beauty augmenting skin softening feature.

To express emotions and feelings, people use stickers that play a vital role in everyone’s conversation. Facebook has now announced stickers powered by augmented reality. Company said, each day, we send over 440 million stickers in Messenger chats and want individuals keep expressing their emotions and feelings in several ways mainly during the holiday season. People can now use all the modes whatever they want by scrolling down the bar when the camera is active.

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In modern day, selfies have become a crucial part in everyone’s life especially to youngsters. They want to capture all the happy moments in camera and share them with family and friends. This new feature on Facebook made their lives easier as they can directly share their selfies with people while chatting with them on the Messenger.

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