Facebook Legal Action Against Friendly Browser for Collecting Users’ Data

According to report, Facebook Company is trying to ban “Friendly Social Browser” for offering privacy and other additional features which this browser offers. But EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is not satisfied with Facebook’s legal action against “Friendly Social Browser” and in support to Friendly, they wrote a letter to facebook, challenging its legal claims.

For those who are not aware, “Friendly Social Browser” is extensions or browser application offers to customize your social media experience. This browser app allows you to block advertisements/popups and tracking, something the social media platform is not comfortable with.

Additionally, “Friendly Social Browser” offers increased privacy control means you can filter your Facebook feed by keywords or even chronologically. This is browser that let you switch between Facebook or other social media accounts and tailor your own experience rather than be at the mercy of the algorithm.

Facebook Legal Action Against Friendly Browser

Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and/or other browsers, “Friendly Social Browser” also appears to Facebook and doesn’t call for developer interface into Facebook. Now comes to matter, Facebook claims “Friendly Social Browser” attempts to collect Facebook’s users data and sold to third parties for advertisements.

Facebook – popular social media platform has even accused the “Friendly Social Browser” of CFAA (Computer Fraud And Abuse Act) violation. However, EFF has challenged Facebook’s legal CFAA Violation claim and states that “Friendly” browser doesn’t collect users’ data. Let’s take have a look at statement of EFF, challenging Facebook’s legal claim.

“California law defines “access” as “to gain entry to, instruct, cause input to, cause output from, cause data processing with, or communicate with” a computer. Friendly is a web browser, so it is our understanding that Friendly does not itself “gain entry to” or “communicate with” Facebook in any way. Like other popular browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, therefore, Friendly does not “access” Facebook; Facebook users do. But presumably Facebook knows better than to directly accuse its users if they change the colors of websites they view.”

Furthermore, EFF clearly explained that “Friendly Social Browser” is just giving you the option to change the way your Facebook feeds and operate. These additional features of “Friendly” browser with added theming and filters that can make the experience more personalized. In other words, this browser is nothing dangerous in terms of users’ data privacy according to EFF.

Facebook’s legal action against “Friendly Social browser” for offering privacy and sold the data to third parties, has challenged by EFF and claims the browser doesn’t collecting users’ data. We are searching on the matter “Facebook Legal Action Against Friendly Browser” very deeply and we will defiantly post an update if it will come in future. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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