Fix: Android connect to Wi-Fi but use Mobile Data

Here in this particular section we will discuss about Android Connected to Wi-Fi but uses the Mobile data. Well this is not a very serious situation. But this can be a problematic situation for those who have data limit per month. That’s why they rely on Wi-Fi connections but what if they are connected to a Wi-Fi but their device still consuming the Mobile data. So considering these factors we are here with this blog where we will provide you some tips for the same query. So without any further delay let’s get started with the discussion.

Why my Android is Using Mobile Data when connected to Wi-Fi?

There are many reasons for using Mobile data when connected to Wi-Fi. In this era of technology there are many devices which provide the option for using the Mobile data and the Wi-Fi at the same time just for enhancing the user’s experience.

Well on iPhone’s this feature is called “Wi-Fi Assist”. It helps Wi-Fi to perform better with the help of your cellular data. This feature is available in Settings Cellular and is enabled by default in new iPhones.

Similarly Androids have also such features that enable the phone to use data even when it is connected to Wi-Fi. It’s known that Android Phones comes with a variety of manufacturer’s so the name and the settings could vary. Like in Samsung Galaxy Note, you will get this option under the Advanced Wi-Fi settings.

Sometimes it happens when you don’t have cellular data in your package or have a limited amount available each month, you will be charged whenever you cross that limit. But sometimes this happens without the knowledge of the user. And it clearly means that your device is still using mobile data even though you are connected with Wi-Fi.

How to stop Android from using Mobile data when connected to Wi-Fi

As we have earlier discussed that Android have also such features that enable the phone to use data even when it is connected to Wi-Fi. So, we suggest you to toggle off the feature and enjoy your Wi-Fi connection without any issues. For instance if you are a Samsung Galaxy Note user then go to Advanced Wi-Fi settings and look for the feature and then toggle it to off.

Another thing you can do to get past the issue is you can turn off the Mobile data every time you are connected with a wireless Network.

Several users have claimed that they manage to get past the issue by turning off the data usage for each app. If a certain app is using a lot of data then you can simply turn that off. That way the app will not utilize the data even when you have turned on the data usage.

Well if you want to if your Phone is using Wi-Fi or Data then you can see on the top of the screen if you see fan symbol that means your device is using Wi-Fi. If it’s using LTE hat means it’s using the cellular network. And if you see both types of connections turned on then it could frequently interchange based on the strength of the signal from the router.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about Android connect to Wi-Fi but use Mobile Data. We really hope that you liked the blog and it was helpful for you. Thanks for your time.

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