Fix ‘Can’t Import Photos from iPhone to Windows’ and Transfer Photos Easily

Importing photos from iPhone to Windows is a common method that can be used to free up iPhone storage space, increase iPhone speed, or make a backup before switching to a new iPhone. And there are many ways to import photos from iPhone to desktop, but these methods do not guarantee a smooth transfer of photos in the process.

Here’s how you can fix importing photos from iPhone to Windows error as well as transfer photos to Windows (or Mac) as smoothly as possible.

Why Can’t Import Photos From iPhone To Windows?

Photos can’t be imported from iPhone to computer may because of one of the reasons below.

Connection Error: Please make sure your USB cable is correct, otherwise your computer will not recognize your device. Please remember some wireless options like Bluetooth might not be allowed.

No Update: Check your iPhone and Windows for updates. If they have not completed the update, they will not work properly.

iCloud Photos Library: If you have enabled the iCloud Photos Library, it means you cannot transfer your photos from iPhone to PC. So please check your photos stored on your iPhone, not on iCloud.

Import too many photos: The transfer speed depends on the number of your photos. If you transfer a lot of photos at once, it will take you longer.

How To Import Photos From iPhone To Windows

After you have eliminated the above problems, you may choose two common ways to import photos from iPhone to Windows – iTunes or Windows Photos app. Both ways can do to import photos from iPhone to Windows, but there are some small flaws in the process of importing. For example, iTunes can’t select what to transfer but only can transfer all; Windows can’t view HEIC pictures and can’t read all the iPhone pictures.

All these issues make users feel anxious. So if you want more efficiency and not waste time, the best way to deal with these problems is to use powerful and simple software like DearMob iPhone Manager.

For a limited time, you can visit the link below and download a giveaway version of DearMob, which gives you full features of the current version. Then you can follow the below steps to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows using this software for free.

Download DearMob iPhone Manger for free >>

Step1 Connect iPhone with PC

Launch DearMob iPhone Manager, and connect your device with WiFi or USB.

Step 2: Select photos to transfer

Open the DearMob iPhone Manager, you will see the simple interface. Run to ‘Photo Transfer’.

Select the photos that you want to export, and then click Export.

Step3 Complete transfer

DearMob iPhone Manager will quickly import photos, and then you can find the photos on your computer local drive. DearMob iPhone Manager can batch transfer over 10,000 photos from iPhone to PC or vice versa in less than 2 minutes. And it also supports converting photos from HEIC to JPG!

What Makes DearMob the Best in Transferring iPhone Photos
  • Fast speed: DearMob iPhone Manager can batch transfer over 10,000 photos from iPhone to PC or vice versa in less than 2 minutes.
  • Smart convert: DearMob supports converting HECI to JPG. It fixes the problem that HEIC cannot be viewed on Windows.
  • Selectively: It allows you to transfer all or selected photos. It fixes the problem that iTunes can’t select what to transfer but only can transfer all.
  • High-quality transfer: DearMob iPhone Manager offers you a two-way photo transfer solution. No matter whether Live ProRAW, burst photos, or 4K HDR photo albums, it can transfer without quality loss.
  • Better manager: DearMob can classify photos by day, mouth, and year, which keeps your photos well-organized.
More Features: A Complete Solution for iPhone Backup and Management

In addition to photos transfer, DearMOb also supports videos, music, contacts, SMS, podcast, e-books, calendar, bookmarks, and more. Better yet, it allows you to selectively export/import any iOS files between iPhone/iPad and computer.

It has the muscle to make a full backup of everything such as WhatsApp history on your iPhone. And you can restore the backup file to your iPhone in 1:1 ratio. iTunes purchases are also supported.

Also, DearMob iPhone Manager uses the advanced encrypt system to let you password protect full backup and individual files including photos and videos. This ensures that anyone using your computer cannot just access your backups.

In addition, DearMob has some add-on features, such as making ringtones and automatically converting the music, videos, and files to the best compatible format. So you can convert videos to the supported formats, and convert contacts/messages to PDF/DOC/TXT.

This video tutorial may help you further understand how to import photos from iPhone to Windows


If you can’t import photos from iPhone to Windows, here are the solutions provided above, you can try them to solve the problem. If you are looking for an efficient way to import photos, try DearMob iPhone Manager. Besides transferring photos, it can also transfer music, videos, contacts, messages, etc.

Let us know what you think about these solutions and which solution you tried.

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