Fix HBO MAX Not Working On Roku

After a long time wait, the Roku users now can stream their favorite movies through Roku devices. Here, the users can get entertained with iconic TV shows, Max originals, and many more.

However, as per some of the users, the HBO Max may not always work on Roku, and there might happen some technical glitches. So, in this article, we are going to learn some guidelines through which one can fix HBO Max not working issue on Roku devices.

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How to fix HBO Max not working issue on Roku?

Solution 1: Restart Roku and Reboot your modem

Remove your connected Roku device out and reinstall it to perform a hard reset.
Also, you can navigate to Settings > System and select System Restart within the device.

Solution 2: Update Roku firmware or upgrade the device

Technically, the HBO Max app is compatible to run only on Roku 9.3 devices or later ons. Means, if you are using the older models, we suggest you to upgrade your deivce.

However, if you are using a right device, then updating its firmware can be helpful. Just navigate to Settings and select System > System Update, and check for any updates to install it.

Solution 3: Disable the VPN

HBO Max on roku is only available to people in US or in some certain US territories. So, if you are currently hiding your real IP address by using VPN, then it’s common to face off HBO Max not working on Roku errors. To fix it, just disable the VPN and and the issue will be resolved easily.

Solution 4: Adding the channel once again

Re-installing the HBO Max app can be sometimes helpful as well. Just follow instructions ahead.

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Navigate to Streaming Channels and open the Channel Store.
  3. Find HBO Max and press Ok and select Remove channel option.
  4. Confirm your action
  5. Now, reinstall the app once again.

Solution 5: Clear the Cache memory

Most of the apps installed on Roku devices have a cache memory limit, and if the limit crosses, the app may stop working. So, the cache related issue might causing HBO Max app to fail while being used. So, to fix the issue in this case, clear the cache on Roku device.

  1. Navigate to Homescreen of Roku.
  2. Select the HBO Max channel.
  3. Now, remove the channel, by pressing the asterisk button on remote and selecting Remove channel.
  4. Once done, restart your Roku device to clear the app’s cache automatically.
  5. Now, install HBO Max channel once again.


Roku is a well known device allowing users to stream various contents on bigger screens, even on Windows 10 as well using its app. And it happens many a time for such users to face off HBO Max not working error on their devices, which can be fixed with some proper solutions discussed.

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