Fix iOS 15 battery heat and Stop Draining issue after update

Whenever a new iOS update or release comes, one very common issues that arise is regarding the sudden increase in battery heat and draining. Many iPhone and iPad users have updated to the iOS 15 beta version and have complained about the heating of the back panel even while doing normal tasks such as using internet (via wi-fi or cellular), using cameras, watching live videos or doing some basic updates within iOS 15.

ios 15 battery heat

Due to iOS 15 battery heat issues, many users have downgraded to the previous version but this definitely is not a proper solution. Rather, it is recommended to take some troubleshooting tips and steps to fix iOS battery life. The tips and tutorials mentioned here to fix iOS 15 battery heat will be applicable for all the versions of iPhone as well as iPad.

Fix 1: Reboot the iOS Device

The early fix for most of the technical device issues is to restart it and the same goes here as well. If the battery is draining quickly after iOS 15 update then it is recommended to reboot the device and see if this fix the issue.

Fix 2: Update All the Apps

It happens that when the iOS gets updated, many of the installed applications gets incompatible with the new version and start draining battery at a faster speed. So, it is important to check about the apps that is consuming most percentage of battery. To check this, go to settings > battery section. If you notice any particular apps consuming more than normal then you can delete such apps and reinstall its latest version.

Fix 3: Remove or Disable the Unwanted Widgets

Widgets provides quick access to certain apps or helps in executing certain commands quickly. However, they are also the one that sucks battery quickly because it utilizes an extra load on the processor. So, if there is so many widgets on the home-screen then remove few of them that you use the least.

Fix 4: Use iOS 15 Feature that is Low Power Mode

iOS 15 battery and draining issue can be fixed by enabling the low power mode. The steps has been mentioned below.

Go to Settings > Battery and Tab on “Low Power Mode”

Fix 5: Use AirPlane Mode Feature whenever you Don’t Need a Cell Call

Disable the wireless service through AirPlane mode whenever you want no connectivity. This will reduce the iOS 15 battery draining problem.

Fix 6: Customize the Display of your iPhone or iPad

The auto-brightness feature can do wonders in saving the battery life if it works properly. So, you have to check whether the auto-brightness is working according to the outside brightness. In case if it is not working properly then disable it and adjust the brightness manually as per you need.

Fix 7: Disable Raise to Wake Up feature

Disabling the “Raise to Wake” feature will certainly improve the battery life. Go to setting and tap on “Display and Brightness”. Choose disable the “Raise to Wake” option.

Fix 8: Reset all the Settings

If iOS battery heat and draining issue still continues after executing all the above mentioned steps then it is recommended to reset all the settings and give a new start to your iOS device. The steps are mentioned below:

Go to “Settings” and open “General” and then on “Reset”. Now, press on “Reset all Settings”.

iOS 15 is available for all the versions or iPhone and iPad. It is offering so many new and interesting features and in case if you don’t have update till now then do it. iOS battery heat issue or high battering draining is very rare and it will easily get fixed using the simple steps mentioned above.

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