Fix sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora issue

If you are facing “sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora” error while you try to open the video edited by the Filmora application and looking for the solution to fix this problem, then you are right place. Here, we are discussing on “How to Fix Filmora cannot open project Issue” in details and providing easy steps to do so. Let’s starts the discussion.

What is “Cannot open project Filmora” Error?

“Filmora” is well-known video editing application used by millions of user all over the world. This app allows users to edit videos at up to 4K resolutions and apply styles, customizations and effects into their videos.

Filmora has various features that lure users into using this tool instead of other video editing apps. With this tool, you can create videos with several clips as it has split screen functionality.

Many users have already reported about this issue on various popular online platforms and asked for the solution. One user explained that “When I try to open my project, the error message appears on screen that states cannot find the object texture file ‘SpriteFont.png’ in the project texture folder. Check the file has not be renamed or removed. Is there any solution?”

sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora

There can be various causes behind “filmora not opening” issue such as renamed or moved, files being deleted, malware or virus and so on. While installing a third-party application, users often don’t pay much attention and end up with getting hazardous threats in the device along with the main software.

Such parasites mess with important system files that are efficient for smooth computer processing and prevent many installed apps as well as drivers from functioning in an appropriate manner. They keep executing malicious activities in the background and cause too many spiteful issues inside including this particular one.

If you are among those users who are dealing “sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora” issue, you don’t need to be panic. We have provided some effective methods that will help you to get rid of “sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora” problem.

[Tips & Tricks] How to fix Filmora cannot open project issue?

Solution 1: Relocate the source file

Step 1: Find your ‘.camproj file

Step 2: Right-click of the file and press on ‘Copy’ and then ‘paste’ it in the same folder where the original one is located. (Rename the new file)

Step 3: Now, right-click on the original file and opt for ‘Open With’.

Step 4: Open the file with ‘Notepad’ which will open the html coding/

Step 5: Open the ‘finder window’ by pressing ‘Control + F’.

Step 6: Now, find src=””

Step 7: Delete the lines that start with this src=”” the first line will appear like this (the id number may be dissimilar):

Step 8: Once done, try to open the file again and see if it is properly opening.

Solution 2: Reconnect the external drive

Using an external drive to save your project files may also cause “filmora full feature mode not opening” issue. And therefore, you need to reconnect the device to your PC and then seen if the problem is fixed.

Solution 3: Perform a system scan

As we have already mentioned, the “sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora” issue might also occur due to the presence of malware or virus in the infected PC. So, you need to scan the complete machine to remove all the perilous infections from the device. You can do this both manually as well as automatically.

The “Manual” process requires much attention and you need to be highly skilled in computer or technology. So, we strongly recommend using “Automatic” procedure and for this purpose, you can use powerful anti-malware software that has the ability to delete all types of malware or spyware from machine.


Hopefully, one of these steps helped you in fixing “sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora”, “How to Fix Filmora cannot open project” issue. If you really liked the article or you have any other solution to get rid of the problem, just let us know. Write us on the comment section if you have any question or query.

Sakshi Anant Author