Fix Superscript Not Working In Google Docs

Superscript is actually a feature in Google Docs which allows users to raise characters above the text line and those characters appears to be smaller, like 3rd. Means, this feature is helpful specifically while writing mathematical or chemical formulas.

Means, if you ever need to use to type superscript enabled texts, then you might need to enable this feature in Google Docs menu. However, in case if you try to enable this feature, but unable to do so, then here included handy solutions will help you fixing superscript not working in Google Docs issues.

How to fix superscript not working in Google Docs?

Technically, the Superscript is a flexible feature in google doc, and in case if it seems missing, then there can be various possible reasons like outdated version of browser, conflict with browser extension, corrupted cache or cookies, and so on. Based on various reasons, here includes some of the methods through which the issue can be fixed:

Method 1: Fix all computer issues automatically

If you are facing hassles or issues while using your computer, then there might be some internal issues which requires to be identified and fixed completely. Since this process can be hefty and requires enough time and effort, we suggest you to use here suggested automatic tool to check an fix all internal issues on computer.

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Method 2: Update Google Chrome

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Navigate to Menu > Settings.
  • Click on About Chrome tab, and select Update Chrome to install latest version.
  • Once done, restart the browser.

Method 3: Clean Conflicting Extensions

  • Launch Google Chrome and select Extensions icon.
  • Click on Manage Extensions.
  • Finally, select Disable all extensions.

Method 4: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

  • Open Google Chrome, and click on Customize and Control by clicking the icon with three dots.
  • Select More Tools.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data option.
  • Then, click on Sign Out.
  • Now, navigate to Time Range, and select All time and check all categories.
  • Once done, click on Clear Data option, and restart the browser.

Method 5: Restore Chrome To Default Settings

  • Open Google Chrome and click to open its Menu.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Now, expand the Advanced tab and click on Reset and clean up.
  • Select Restore Settings to Their Original Defaults, option.
  • Finally, click on Reset Settings.
  • Once done, restart the browser.

Final Thoughts

Superscript is quite a helpful option or feature offered by Google Docs. Using this feature easily helps users to type superscripts, however in case if this feature fails to work in your case, their might be some issue. In order to fix superscript not working issue on your computer, we hope the above mentioned instructions might helped you.

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