Games to play in Microsoft Teams meeting [Guide]

Microsoft Teams is a persistent chat-based collaboration platform complete with online meetings document sharing and many more interesting and extremely useful features for business communication. So we can say that this platform has earned its name because of its wonderful features which makes it more pleasing. Though the app is quite interesting but sadly the business video conferencing are not interesting at all. Well it’s a human nature we all feel bored while staring our colleagues in the conference for hours, but  huge thanks to Microsoft teams because as per the Reports Games to play in Microsoft Teams meeting. Yes you heard me right; Microsoft is going to add fun to Meetings with Casual Games.

Videoconferencing has been a big part of conducting business for quite some time. But due to the pandemic, apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype etc gets huge increment when it comes to users. These apps have become an essential part of our work and even at the schools. And this growing popularity off such apps increased the competition between such apps. So we can say that adding games to Microsoft Teams meeting is just an experiment to attract more users whatever it is but we really appreciate such efforts.

Sources say that games are being tested in the Microsoft Teams platform and may be you won’t need to hide that you are playing games. This wonderful plan is for colleagues to play games during meetings. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to play the most recent games in your Microsoft Teams meetings. Only the casual games like Solitaire, Wordament, Soduku, Treasure Hunt, Connect 4 etc are reportedly being tested by Teams.

Well we would like to highlight that Games are not the only change that Teams has implemented to maintain its popularity. It has been continuously introducing features to this app to make it more attractive.

The very first change implemented by Teams was “Together Mode” and this option allows you to have a live avatar of yourself to interact with your colleagues or their avatars.

Microsoft is even working with the smart camera manufacturers like Yealink, Jabra. And it will be able to track who is speaking, recognize a user’s face and create multiple video streams. And there are so many plans to enhance the user’s experience. Well that was all about Games to play in Microsoft Teams meeting. We hope you liked the blog and stay tuned to get the latest information. Thanks for Reading.

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