Get Latest AMD Drivers Using Amddriverdownloader

Updating System drivers including Graphics Card Driver Update, Audio Driver Update, Network Adapter Driver Update and other device driver update is one of the best solutions to fix any issues related to drivers. Device manufacturers release regular updates of its device driver with improve hardware performance, add features or controls and improve the stability and life.

In the Windows 10/8/7 OS based machine, Device Manager offers you to change hardware settings, identify device drivers for each device, view and change and settings and properties, and install, uninstall, reinstall or update, rollback, enable and disable the drivers. On other hand, Microsoft Windows OS update also offers you to install or update device drivers required for your System.

These two methods including updating device driver using Device Manager, and updating drivers using Windows Update, are offered by Windows Operating System to get the latest driver update. However, you can try ‘Automatic Driver Download and Update Software’ or “Automatic Driver Downloader and Installer”, which will allow you to detect and install the latest driver for your device automatically.

Amddriverdownloader – AMD Driver Auto Detect Tool offers you to detect and download the latest driver for your AMD Radeon Graphics Card (Discrete GPU) and AMD processors with such graphics. This software can easily be download/installed from ‘AMD Drivers and Support Page’, and used to determine the version of Windows and model of the card installed on your PC.

AMD Driver Auto-Detect Software checks the status of your AMD Radeon GPU drivers, report whether or not you can download an updated driver that brings with it improved stability, several known bug fixes, video-game specific optimizations for improved rendering performance.

This Amddriverdownloader Software is for use with the Systems running Microsoft Windows OS 7 and Windows 10, and equipped with AMD Radeon graphics, AMD Radeon Pro graphics, or AMd processors with Radeon graphics. If your System is not equipped with these AMD products, and not running Windows 7 or 10, then this software is not for you.

How to Download, install and use Amddriverdownloader – AMD Driver Auto Detect Tool

Step 1: Open your browser and visit ‘AMD Driver and Support Page’

Step 2: Find the ‘AMD Driver Auto Detect Tool’ download link/button and click on it download

Step 3: Once the tool has been downloaded, open the “AMD Driver Auto Detect Tool” in your computer

Step 4: This software will automatically detect your System configuration. Once done, this software should display the latest ‘Recommended’ and ‘Optional’ driver packages that are compatible with your graphics product as well as currently installed the driver version if available.

Step 5: Now, select the desired version either recommended or optional driver to start downloading and installing the driver. Once installed, reboot your computer to save the changes.

If Amddriverdownloader or AMD Driver Auto Detect Tool fails to install AMD drivers

As mentioned above, if your System is not running Windows 10 or 7, and not equipped with AMD Radeon graphics, AMD Radeon pro graphics or AMD processors with Radeon graphics, then you are unable to find and install AMD drivers using this Amddriverdownloader software.

In this case, you can manually download the AMD drivers in your computer using ‘AMD Product Selector’. To do so, visit ‘AMD Drivers & Support Page’, and scroll down to ‘Search for your Product’ or ‘Select your product from list’ section, and select your AMD product from list and follow on-screen instructions to download and install the drivers.


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