Guide on It Takes Two Controller vs Keyboard [Is It Takes Two better with Controller? Can you play It Takes Two with two Controllers and Can you play It Takes Two with keyboard and mouse PC]

Undoubtedly gaming industry is blooming day by day. And the users are getting more and more passionate about PC games. That’s why nowadays games are not only limited to PC, it can be played on numerous platforms using different kinds of devices. The exponential growth in the demand of such gaming devices are not only increasing competition between the manufacturers but also creating a next level passion among the players. That’s the reason users are replacing keyboards with controllers for better experience while playing a action adventure game such as It Takes Two . But the question is it worthy to replace keyboards with controllers. Well both are most used devices and both are best in their own way. So basically we are here to discuss It Takes Two on Controller or Keyboard

It Takes Two Controller vs Keyboard

Benefits of using Controller

#. Widely Compatible

#. Extra feature like Rumble

#. Great for movement and rotation

#. Traditional game controller field

#. Most Comfortable, ergonomic design

#. Excellent inputs

Advantages of using Keyboard

#. Designed for PC Gaming

#. Fast and Precise

#. All the buttons

#. Huge amount of choice

#. Doubles-up as regular PC Gear

#. Customisable

It Takes Two Controller vs Mouse & Keyboard: what’s the difference?


Players are using keyboards from decades because the 104 keys on a full size layout provide a huge selection of potential inputs. Keyboards also provide macros options which are series of commands tied to a single input. Many modern keyboards have specifically dedicated macro keys. This process of tying several commands to a single key press can have serious advantages in complex games also day to day convenience. And when it comes to choosing the right keyboard, there are so many options available. From different form factors like smaller tenkeyless or split ergonomic keyboards to custom keycaps ad a huge selection of mechanical switch types; keyboards are best in their own way.


Controllers consist of a set of face buttons, pressure sensitive triggers and dual joysticks used for the movement in place of a mouse. On the basis of the manufacturer, they also support directional pads, lighting, rumble effects and more. There’s a significant variation even within limited definition with high end options like Xbox Elite that adds paddles below the controller for more efficient input, or Valve’s PC centric Steam controller.

Keyboards and Controllers are very different from each other. And one of the biggest differences between controllers and keyboard is their setup. They are completely different to use and game with. The other major difference is the speed and the precision. Well these two are one the biggest differences.

And if we talk about the price of the two devices so keep in mind one can choose cheap gaming controllers or expensive ones as well. You can also get premium keyboards if you can afford. So basically you can spend big or go the budget route on all devices.

Why to go for Controllers over keyboards?

Controllers can offer more comfort and ergonomic advantages than a mouse and keyboard setup. Well if you prefer not being attached to a desk or surface then a controller will always be for you. It can follow all your own movements rather than having to have your hands stuck to the desk. If you play a lot of racing games or car games then a controller is likely to have the edge for you too.

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Is It Takes Two better with Controller?

Well we have explained all the possible advantages of using controllers and keyboards as well. It Takes Two is better with controller if you are a console player, don’t want to be desk-bound, prefer a traditional pad in both hands and don’t need the utmost precision.

Can you play It Takes Two with two Controllers?

Well It Takes Two was designated merely or co-op so you will need gear for two. Couch co-op requires either 2 joy cons or 2 gamepad controllers. You can also play using a local wireless connection by connecting two Nintendo Switch™ consoles together.

Can you play It Takes Two with keyboard and mouse PC?

We suggest you to only for keyboard and mouse to play games if you:

#. Are mainly a PC Gamer

#. Prefer your console separate

#. Prefer having access to all kinds of inputs and buttons

#. Desires to slimline a setup and crossover with day to day work

#. Are striving for the utmost precision in most games

That’s all about It Takes Two Controller vs Keyboard. We really hope that you might have decided whether you need a controller or keyboard & mouse to play It Takes Two.