Guide To Root Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/ Note 5 Pro With TWRP Recovery

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro are really the coolest smartphone in India and international market as well. The reason is, it’s a great budget phone that offers giant specs and features to suit every hands. Although stock firmware installed on smartphone offers almost all privileges to users to control their device, still rooting mostly requires to do various changes to smartphones. Even many users seek Redmi Note 5 rooting to deal with their phone more easily with super-user attributes. So, this article today is going to discuss how Redmi Note 5/ Note 5 Pro can be rooted easily.

redmi note 5 root

Why Redmi Note 5 Pro/ Redmi Note 5 Rooting is required?

Smartphone root function actually allows user to install a number of custom options on their device, rooted applications, and many more. Custom ROMs are mostly installed on smartphones to have more enhanced functions for which rooting is very necessary. Even this necessity may come to Redmi Note 5 users, so they will seek help to accomplish this task. So, let’s learn how to do Redmi Note 5 rooting easily.

Complete Guide For Redmi Note 5/ Note 5 Pro Rooting

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Since rooting an smartphone is basically a time taking process, a user must assure their Redmi Note 5 that is to be rooted, have enough battery status to stay on. Also, it’s recommended to create and keep full backup of your device to recover your phone easily if something occurs wrong. The reason is, it’s necessary to wipe out all your data or files on phone in order to do rooting further. If you are ready to do, please read all instructions carefully before you start to root Redmi Note 5 or Note 5 Pro.

Pre-requisites To Root Redmi Note 5/ Note 5 Procedure

Install TWRP Recovery On Redmi Smartphone

Installing TWRP recovery on device is necessary to start rooting your device, still you would have to do some measures in prior to get your device rooted smoothly. Install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your Windows. Once installed, follow the guidelines here mentioned:

1: Your device will deny installing TWRP unless itss bootloader is unlocked at first. To do so, visit Xiaomi Unlock page, and follow all mentioned instructions there. You may also require to create account with Xiaomi to get unlock code that is necessary to Unlock bootloader.

2: Download TWRP Recovery file from the link above.

3: On your system, connect your device with USB and setup ADB and Fastboot to proceed further.

4: Where you have downlaoded TWRP recovery file, open a command window. To accomplish this task, navigate to that folder and type CMD in address bar.

5: Now, reboot your Redmi Note 5 smartphone in Fastboot mode. Just turn off your device. Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons (+ Home button, if required) unless Mi bunny mascot appears on screen.

6: Connect your device to PC with preferred and working USB cable. In case “Allow USB debugging” appears on screen, confirm OK with it.

7: Now, install TWRP recovery through given commands below. (make sure the file name you are using with the command is same as the file name with extension you have saved on your PC.)

fastboot flash <twrp-recovery-filename.img>

8: Reboot your device now with command below

fastboot reboot

You have successfully installed TWRP recovery on Redmi Note 5 now. To confirm, just reboot your device in recovery mode, and you would no more able to see stock recovery firmware on your phone. To reboot through PC, run the command ‘adb reboot recovery’

Note: When you boot your phone in TWRP recovery mode for first, it will seek your confirmation to “Keep System Read only”. Don’t allow it, rather choose “Keep Read Only” option because once you allow it to alter the system, the DM-verity check will execute and the phone may not properly restart then until SuperSU file or DM verity disabler file is flashed. If you are ready with these files copied on your device, you can allow it to modify system, else just reboot to launch normmal OS for now.

Now, It’s time to do Redmi Note 5/Note 5 Pro Rooting

To root Redmi Note 5, we are going to discuss here 2 methods. The first is by using Magisk and other through using SuperSU. Most of the people who rooted their Note 5 choose the first custom OS Magisk because it equips lots of customization along with way to hide root as well if required. However, the SuperSU is just a simple and easy trick to root Redmi Note 5 or Pro version easily.

Redmi Note 5 Root With Magisk

  1. Copy downloaded file to your device
  2. Restart your device to enter into TWRP recovery mode. When asked to allow for system modification, confirm it.
  3. Tap Install option and choose file on your device.
  4. You will be asked to confirm Magisk flash, confirm it. It will take some time to flash custom ROM, after which the device will Reboot.
  5. Once the device is restarted, your Redmi Note 5 is rooted.

To Root Redmi Note 5 using SuperSU

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  1. Copy file on your device
  2. Boot Redmi Note 5 in TWRP recovery mode and allow system modification.
  3. Navigate to choose file and tab to install it
  4. Flash process will take time after which you would be asked to restart your device. Just reboot it.
  5. Your Redmi Note 5 is now rooted and ready with Super User access

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