Halo Infinite Greased Lightning not Unlocking (Achievement Guide)

This blog is dedicated to Halo Infinite. This game did not need any introduction.  It is ruling over millions of hearts. And it’s a known fact that game was released in December 2k21. It has been few months of its release and its fan following is increasing every single day. We can also consider Halo Infinite as the Master Stroke of 343 Industries. In this tutorial will talk about one of the achievements of Halo Infinite. As we all know that the game has several features and achievements which make the game more interesting  and engaging.


 So in this particular section will discuss about Halo Infinite Greased Lightning Achievement Guide Steam and Halo Infinite Greased Lightning not Unlocking. We will also suggest you some tips for unlocking it, in short we will provide you a proper Greased Lightning Achievement Guide. Greased Lightning is the secret achievement in Halo Infinite. And to achieve this you need to unlock it by increasing your game score. The users are quite curious to know more about Halo Infinite Greased Lightning and several users have reported their queries on forums site like Reddit. If you are also looking for some tips then I assure you that you are at the right place.

What is mean by Greased Lightning Achievement in Halo Infinite?

The above mention achievement is considered as a secret achievement of the game. And one can find the achievement under the Spartan Academy Tutorial Mode and here there are three other achievements gamers can earn while visiting Academy.

What to do to earn the Greased Lightning achievement?

In order to unlock the Greased Lightning Achievement in Halo Infinite players need to complete the movement yard. Once the players have completed it, then they will be able to go back to point where they began to restart challenge & modifier timer will start.


Halo Infinite Greased Lightning not Unlocking or how to get Greased Lightning Achievement?

If you are at the point from where you can achieve the above mention goal then you have to complete the journey in 25 seconds which is quite difficult. It is not easy to complete it 25 seconds, the player can get stumbled and if they stumble then they need to restart the whole process. But there is a shortcut to complete the task in give time. But I would say that it’s a tough nut to crack.

Rewards after completing Greased Lightning Achievement

You will earn 10 Game score points and self-satisfaction of completing the Greased Lightning Achievement that’s all.

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