Halo Infinite scorpion gun patched

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What is the Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun glitch?

The Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun glitch is a kind of glitch where players can get their hands on an invisible weapon hidden near the start of the game’s campaign. The weapon is essentially a handled version of the cannon from the Scorpion Tank.

How to get the Scorpion Gun in Halo Infinite?

In order to get the Scorpion Gun in Halo Infinite, the player needs to play the third mission in the game that takes a place in Outpost Tremonius. But if you have already beaten the mission, you have to start a new playthrough since you can only obtain the weapon during the mission and there is no way to replay missions as of now.

Make your way through the mission until you leave the facility, it will be notable since it will be the first time that you find yourself on the Outside of the Halo ring. Once the door opens you will be able to see a crashed ship to the right along the Cliffside. You will find the Scorpion gun here. Now climb up the ship and navigate to one of the guns along the hull. After that wake up the gun and stand at the end of the barrel, this is the place where you will be prompted to pick up the gun.

What’s the reason behind the removal of Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun Glitch?

Well there’s no reason was given for the removal of the Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun glitch but we do know that it’s coming.

When is the Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun Glitch being removed?

The Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun glitch was removed on 3 May 2022, as a part of making some worthy changes for the launch of Season 2.

Considering that this weapon does not even have a model, it was most likely never planned to be put in the game in the first place.

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