How do I fix Word document upload blocked error in OneDrive?

If you are using the desktop version of the MS Office Word and you are connected using OneDrive account, there is a chance that you run an error “word document upload blocked”. This issue is common for other Office apps such as Excel or PowerPoint as well.

The upload blocked creates a lot of stress by hindering your ability to use the app properly. In this section, we will provide the reasons that raise this OneDrive blocked issue and also will show you how you can easily fix it.

Know about Word Document upload blocked issue

Users have reported on different forums that they are encountering an error that says “Upload Blocked. You are required to sign-in” in Word, when trying to upload any files to the OneDrive account.

Here is what one such user reported on Microsoft Answers forums:

I use on My laptop OneDrive for my personal account, an Office 365 school account and another Office 365 work account. Every time I try to work with an OneDrive file on Excel and trying to save it, Excel pops up this error:Upload Blocked. You are required to sign-in.

It really annoys me and doesn’t let me work on any documents I have. Does someone have a solution?

Multiple reasons are possible that lead to the “Word document upload blocked” error. This could be because of OneDrive Glitch, Bad stored credentials, Office is not involved in the syncing operations and Identities key contain bad values.

In today’s article, we have compiled some of the best methods for you to try and fix this issue. However, before we will move onto the solutions, we would like you once check if BSODs, EXEs errors, DLL errors, problems with programs/ applications, virus infection and other system files and related issues are the reason for the “Word Document upload blocked” cause.

In most of cases, users get a quick fix if there are system issues as there are plenty of tools available that look into such matters. “PC Repair Tool” is one such tool. Get this tool from the below link for easy and quick way to fix OneDrive upload blocked issue.

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How to fix Word document upload blocked issue?

In this section, several ways are provided to you to solve the upload blocked you are required to sign in error.

Solution 1: Sync your office files using Office

  • Right-click on OneDrive icon on the Taskbar and select Settings,
  • Go to the Office tab and choose option that says Use Office applications to Sync files that I Open,

  • In the pop-up window, enable the Let me choose to merge changes or keep both copies option,
  • Then, click OK to save changes and finally restart your device and see if the problem persists.

Solution 2: Check if Windows 10 has all available update installed

If the first solution does not solve the Word document upload blocked issue, you should choose the second solution. Install all pending Windows update. Here is how:

  • Click on Windows Key + I simultaneously to open Settings page,
  • Choose Update & Security,
  • In the newly opened pop-up window, select Windows update and then click on Check for updates option.

Solution 3: Unlink your OneDrive Account

  • Right click on the OneDrive icon on Taskbar and go to the Settings,
  • Select Advanced tab and click Unlink this PC,

  • Click OK to confirm and then restart the PC and re-sign in the One-Drive.

Solution: 4 Delete Microsoft Office Upload Center Cache

  • On Search box area of Windows, type Office upload center and select the one with the matched result,
  • On the main interface, click Settings> Cache Settings,
  • Click Delete Cached and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Next to this, restart your PC, log-in to your OneDrive account again and check if the Word document upload blocked issue has been solved.

We hope that the above methods provide the Word document upload blocked fixes for you. Please make sure you follow the guides presented very closely and let us know when you face troubles in performing any of the steps.