How to activate eSIM in iPhone [Complete Guide]

An eSIM is a virtual SIM that is hosted by your network provider. And it’s a flip away from the conventional SIM Cards or chips as you don’t need a tangible card. Due to which you can use it with an existing SIM Card in order to turn your iPhone into a dual SIM device.

Well here in this particular blog we will teach you How to activate eSIM in iPhone. As several users have reported the same on several forums, so we are here with this tutorial. But before that we would like to mention that not all iPhones and regions support the use of eSIM. As per the Reports iPhone versions starting with the iPhone XR and can use the SIM. So if you are using an iPhone XR or earlier,you need to confirm whether your region or network carrier support it. It is quite tough to tell that which countries support eSIM and we would like to add that many other Smartphone companies like Samsung allows using eSIM with some of its version. Well we have enlisted few countries where the service is available and the names are: India, US, South Africa, Nigeria, Austria, Spain, Canada, Croatia,, Germany, Hungary and some African regions.

What do a user need to use eSIM  on their iPhone?

As we have earlier mentioned that all you need to use an eSIM is an iPhone XR or later & a network provider that supports it. But if you are not sure about eSIM support in your region then you can contact your network’s customer support center. If you fulfill all the requirements to use eSIM then you can follow our guidelines mention below to activate and install it on your iPhone.

How to activate and install eSIM in iPhone?

The process for activating an eSIM varies, on the basis of the network provider. You should know that Apple provides a universal thumb rule to set it up. So it really does not matter whether you are doing it yourself or it requires the help of network carrier. Apple’s set up rules apply in all conditions.

  1. If you have a QR Code

The process is quite easy if you have QTR Code but if you don’t have that then visit your network provider’s office or your carrier app. We will also suggest you to contact network provider’s customer support in order to learn how to get a QR Code.

Follow the steps if you have QR Code:

Step 1: Navigate to System Settings>Mobile Data

Step 2: Then click on Add Data Plan

Step 3: After that scan the provided QR Code and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

  1. If you use a Carrier’s app

You should know that the process for setting up an eSIM may vary from carrier to carrier. But first of all you need to install the carrier’s app on your device from the App store and once you have installed it then follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: Firstly open the app and then purchase a cellular plan

Step 2: Then follow the on-screen guidelines to setup an eSIM.

  1. Enter eSIM information manually

You can also enter your eSIM information manually but remember you must have all the details from your network provider earlier.

Step 1: On your iPhone, open Settings>Mobile Data>Add Data Plan

Step 2: Then tap Enter Details Manually at the bottom of the screen

Step 3: Now provide the details given by your network carrier

Step 4: Finally tap on Next at the top-right and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

  1. From an assigned cellular plan

Some of the network carriers also assign extra cellular plans. As per the Reports, this is only available on iOS 13 and later. And keep in mind that its availability depends on the network carrier. Generally you will get a notification to install a cellular plan if your network carrier supports such a service. You need to follow the guidelines if you get a notification and you will get the eSIM ready to use.


That’s all about How to activate eSIM in iPhone. I hope you liked the blog and i9t was informative as well.

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