How to Add Roblox to Discord Status [STEPS]

Roblox is an online game which gives its user the ability to create their own world and game modes along with it. Adding Roblox to discord will give and your friends a way to communicate and collaborate with each other or with everyone if you have a community.

With Discord as your primary means of communication you can not only connect to your community or friends and family but can also do some really cool stuffs with it. You can share your livestream to your server and can invite new members and share your Roblox world and game modes with them.

With this much functionality many users are wondering on how to add Roblox to discord status therefore, we have bring you all the methods with instructions on how to do it.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Play any game mode on Roblox

To add it as Discord Status you need to play any game of Roblox. If you don’t, then you would not be able to. If you want to know how to play a game, here is how:

  1. Download and Open Roblox.
  2. Log-in or Sign-up your account.
  3. From the given lists of games, choose any game you want to play.
  4. Go it its corresponding game page by clicking on it.
  5. Click the play button.

Step 2: Minimize Your Game

The next step after you started playing the game, minimize the game and go to Discord. This feature is only available on PC version of Discord; you will not be able to do such in mobile version.

To minimize the game, click minimize button on the top right side of Roblox Window beside red close button.

Step 3: Go to Discord Settings

After opening Discord and minimizing game of Roblox you need to find activity status and activate it.

Step 4: Enable Activity Status

  1. Navigate to Account Settings.
  2. Now, go to Activity Status.
  3. Find and activate Display Current Activity Status.
  4. Toggle the switch to turn it on.
  5. Discord will automatically update the game status if you successfully enabled the Display Current Activity as Status Message.

Step 5: Check Your Status on Discord

If you successfully followed the steps then Discord Status should be enabled now. To check

  1. Check your Discord Status if it is active.
  2. You will have “Playing Roblox beside your Discord name.
  3. You can also check how long you have played this game.

Discord is a messaging platform that is used by millions of users daily. Due to its large variety of features, you can not only be able to communicate with your friends, family or community members but b able to use many of its features like live streaming, being able to photos and video clips, able to manage thousands of members easily and able to join hundred of different servers with different specialties and see which games their server member are playing through Discord Status feature.

Almost all of us know about Roblox as a game because of it huge popularity. Due to its diversity and world building experience not only kids but adults also love this game. The game has been regularly updated so that the players would not have to any troubles enjoying their favorite game.

With both Discord and Roblox dominating its corresponding scene, a lot of players where asking the question on how to add Roblox to Discord status, we have mentioned all the steps required to do so. Hopefully, you will be able to play more game and connect with new people through Discord and Roblox.