How to change country or region on iPhone [Steps]

Tips to change country or region on iPhone:

In this post, we are going to discuss on How to change country or region on iPhone. You are provided with easy steps/methods to do so. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘Change country or region on iPhone’

Country and region settings in your iPhone must be set according to your country or region so that iPhone manufacturer could find their iPhone users when they are belonging to, and then the manufacturer will be able to release updates or patches for system software, and other relating apps on IPhone according to device’s region. Country/region settings play major roles in your IPhone especially when you want to download/install and use an application from App Store which is allowed in your region/country.

For example, if a game is not allowed to install and run in UK country/region, and your IPhone’s country/region settings are set to UK, then it is obvious you can install and run the game on your IPhone due to region/country compatibility issue. In sort, the region of your iPhone is set to match the region/country where you live, and the region determines what features, contents and services are available.

If you are not aware, not all apps or movies are available in all countries/regions, and if you are belonging to those restricted location, then it is obvious that you can’t play/run such apps or movies on your iPhone. In such case, you can try to fix country/region compatibility issue, you can change your IPhone’s country or region settings. If you are looking for ways to change country or region on iPhone, then you are in right-place for the solution. Let’s go for solution.

What needs to do before changing region/country on IPhone?

Before changing region or country settings on your IPhone, you need to do following things.

You will need to spend money you have stored in your Apple ID because they don’t carry over cross countries/regions, and cancel the subscriptions including iTunes Match (You can re-subscribe in your new location), cancel memberships for session passes, media or other contents, and then you can re-purchase them in your new region. Also, you will need to download apps or media you want to make sure you will have because some contents or media may not be available in new region. And you should have a valid form of payment located in your new region/country.

How to change country or region on iPhone?

Step 1: Open ‘Settings’ app in your iPhone and tap your name/profile at top of screen

Step 2: Tap ‘Media & Purchases’ and tap ‘View Account’, and sign into your Apple ID if asked.

Step 3: Now, tap ‘Country/Region’, and tap ‘Change Country or Region’

Step 4: Choose your new location, and tap ‘Agree’ to ‘Terms & Conditions’

Step 5: Now, choose your payment method in your new country/region, and enter billing details, and tap ‘Next’.

How to change country or region on iPhone from your Apple ID Account page?

Step 1: Sign into your Apple ID account page and scroll down to ‘Account’ section, and click ‘Edit’

Step 2: From ‘Country/Region’ menu, select your new country or region. When asked if you want to change your country or region. Click ‘Continue to update’

Step 3: Enter your new payment information and your billing address, and click ‘Save’. You have to enter a valid payment method for your new country or region.


I hope this post helped you on How to change country or region on iPhone with easy ways. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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