How to change Facebook Password if you Forgot Email [Solved]

In our previous blogs we have been discussed about so many queries related the Facebook and here in this blog we will guide you on how to change Facebook Password if you Forgot Email. We all use Facebook  Account for our own personal reasons but sometimes it happens when we can’t login our account due to busy schedules which eventually make us forget either the password or the email address that is associated with the Account. And this situation becomes more annoying when we need Facebook for other services. But what to do we have forgotten the email and unable to access our account. Are you struggling with the same situation then don’t panic, there are few tricks by which you can access your account and do whatever changes you want to do in your account.

Things to do if you forgot the Email and want to change the Facebook Password

Method 1: Find Trusted Contacts on Facebook

If you have forgotten the emails and desires to reset the Facebook Password then you need to seek help from your trusted contacts on Facebook. In order to get started with the process follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: Navigate to login Page for the your account

Step 2: In the “Password” area, tap on “Forgot Account”

Step 3: Choose “No longer have access to these” on the password reset page

Step 4: Now on the “How Can We Reach You” page and then give the available phone number or email address >Tap on Enter key to proceed

Step 5: After that Enter the name of any trusted contact that you assigned in the “Reveal My Trusted Contacts” option

Step 6: Then the additional information will be sent to assist you in retrieving access of your account

Step 7: Email the contact a link and ask them to follow it and send you the code

Step 8: In order to regain access of your account, enter the code.

Once you regain the account then simply change your password.

Method 2: Use Alternative Email id or Alternative Phone Number on Facebook

You cannot go with the first method if you have not assigned any contact as your trusted contact. In such case you can use different email id to log in to your account. If you have many email addresses stored in your account then you may use any one that you can access and regain your account.

Method 3: Find your Account using Username or Email id

If you don’t have numerous accounts stored in your account then you can apply this method. By using your nicknames, username, formal name on Facebook’s Find your Account Page. You will get a list of all accounts you could have and when you find yours, just select “This is My Account” and in order to reset Facebook Password follow the on-screen guidelines.

And if you don’t remember your username, then try to logging into someone else’s Facebook account and navigating your own. Remember your username I the last name that appears on URL. But keep in mind it is not practicable to find your username using this approach.

Method 4: Seek help from Facebook Helpline Team

If you are still struggling with the issue then we suggest you to Contact Facebook Helpline Team. They will surely help you in getting past the issue.


That’s all about How to change Facebook Password if you Forgot Email. If you liked the blog then keep visiting the site for more useful and interesting blogs. Thanks for Reading.

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