How to Change or Reposition Safari Address Bar and Create Tab Groups In iOS 15

The Safari browser on iOS has received so many updates lately. With the new iOS 15 update, Safari has received so many interesting features such as tab groups, extensions, address bar on a new location, and several improved privacy control. With the new Safari update, the address bar is now at the bottom. Like you used to switch between the apps, now you can switch between the tabs. You can create tab groups in Safari. In case if you don’t like the address bar at the bottom, you can easily reposition it back at the top.

How to Reposition or Alter the Safari Address Bar

In order to reposition the Safari Address bar at the top, open Safari and click on aA button and choose “Show Top Address Bar”. In the same way, if you want to restore it back to the bottom, the same steps to be executed and choose “Show Bottom Address Bar”.

Keeping the taskbar at the bottom position seems to be a more convenient. However, the choice is very subjective. Personally, I find it easy to switch between the tabs when the taskbar is at the bottom. It is more natural for one hand usage and for gesture controls such as swiping up the taskbar in order to get grid of the tabs that are already opened.

How to Create Tab Groups in iOS 15

In order to create tab groups in iOS 15, open Safari and tap on tab button. Press on the number of tabs and then select New Empty Tabs Group.

On the other hand, when you open new tabs, it will automatically get saved as new tab group. These group will get sync across all your Apple devices and hence you can continue your work on the browser from anywhere.

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