How to change playlist cover on spotify [check the complete guide]

About spotify’s change playlist cover feature

Spotify, the Sweden based audio streaming and media service provider, allows its users to add custom cover pictures and descriptions to their playlist. This feature is available for both free and premium users of the app. Also, both Windows and iOS users can enjoy this newly added feature. This article guides you how to change spotify playlist cover. So, continue with this page.

As the spotify’s official said in press release, the feature, where people choose an image from their photos and set it to the cover picture for their custom playlists, was a “highly requested feature”. Till the date, it is available for desktop app only. You should firstly upgrade the app to the latest version on your Android or iOS and then see the guide below to know how to change the cover of a playlist on spotify.

Spotify upgrade on Android and iOS

To update Spotify on Android, open the Google play store, use the search bar, find spotify and tab update button. You can switch to an automate update by clicking the three vertical dot in the top right of the spotify app and then clicking on the Enable Auto-update button.

If you are using iOS, open the App Store, tap your Apple ID image in the top right corner, then find Spotify to update. For the automatic update, go to your iPhone/ ipad settings, tap iTunes & App Store and turn on the App updates option.

Steps how to change spotify playlist cover

The steps how to change the cover of a playlist on spotify are common for Android and iOS Smartphone you are using. check below and follow it to set a new cover to your Spotify playlist:

  • Open the Spotify App and go the created playlist,
  • Click on the three dot option,
  • Select Edit Playlist,
  • Now, click on the default album art picture or tab on the change image option,
  • Then, click a new image using camera or choose the existing one from gallery,
  • Tap on use photo option to make the image selection,

  • Below the image, you will have description box, add description of your choice,
  • Click on the Save button

Note: upload only .jpeg file with the size less than 4 MB. Also keep this in mind that this must not violate copyright, trademark, or personal image rights. Check the below subsection for more detailed guide.

Things you should care about 

As you know how to edit spotify playlist cover and you are about to set a picture as per your wish. However, before you go, we want you to aware about what type of images you can upload to your playlist. Spotify clearly said in the official page that the image must not violate copyright, trademark and personal image rights.

  • Copyright– by the term copyright, the audio streaming company refers to the copyright law exists to in most of countries and regions to protect the people’s original works and creations. While Copyright generally does not protect ideas or facts, “it protects original words or images used to express an idea”.
  • Trademark – Word, Slogan, symbol or design like log, brand/ company name and etc are collectively called Trademark. The trademark law ensures no consumer confusion on source of third party service.
  • Personal image rights – This section prevent users from posting an image belongs to some other individual without their consent

The Sweden based company is also very strict to the users who set some offensive or violent content. Under their guidelines, they clearly say that nudity, pornography, hate speech, and any sexual content are not acceptable. Posting, sharing or downloading such images can lead to the account suspended and there will be a report to the law enforcement.


We welcome the Spotify’s new feature and know how to change spotify playlist cover. Complete steps are provided so that even a beginner can perform these steps. For any further questions or suggestions, contact us with the comment section below.

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