How to Create Signature in Outlook For Windows/Mac/Web

Email Signature is one of the best ways to represent you in front of email recipient to notify them about who you are and how you can be reached. You can create customized email signature in Outlook that gets applied to every email you send out.

In this article, we are discussing on the topic “How to create email signature in Outlook” and providing easy & recommended steps to do so. Let’s starts the discussion.

Outlook is part of Microsoft Office package. It offers you to create email signature including text, images, your electronic card, a logo or even an image of your handwritten signature.

In case if you have a Microsoft 365 account and you use Outlook and Outlook on web or Outlook on web for business, then you need to create a signature in both products. Once you set up Outlook, the signatures are automatically added to all the ongoing messages or create your own signature and add it to messages on case-by-case basis.

How to Create signature in Outlook for Windows?

If you want to add signature to the Outlook for Windows, follow the steps below. You can also create spate signatures for each of your emails.

Step 1: Click on “Start” button and type “Outlook” in Windows Search box and open “Outlook” App

Step 2: Click on “File” tab at the top-left corner of screen

Step 3: Select “Options” from left sidebar

Step 4: In the next screen, click on “Mail” in left sidebar

Step 5: In the opened email settings, locate the section that states “Compose Messages”

Step 6: Click on “Signatures” button to open “Signatures and Stationary” dialog box

Step 7: In then opened dialog box, click on “New” to create email signature in Outlook App

Step 8: Type the name of Signature in “New Signature” textbox and then hit “Ok” button

Step 9: Now, Select your signature in the list to edit it.

Step 10: Now, you can type your own signature in plain text under “Edit Signature” section and use the available formatting options to stylize it.

Step 11: In the “Choose Default Signature” section,

  • Choose “Email account” you want to use your new signature
  • Choose your signature form “New Messages” if you want each of your new emails to have signature applied to it
  • Choose “Replies/Forwards” to use the signature for your email replies and forwards.

 Step 12: Once done, click on “Ok” to finish creating your signature.

How to create signature in Outlook for Mac?

If you are Mac users and looking for “How do i create a signature in Outlook”, then you are in right place. To create email signature in Outlook for Mac, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Click on “Launchpad” of your Mac device and search or go for “Outlook”

Step 2: In the opened “Outlook” App, Select “Preferences” from Outlook Menu

Step 3: Now in next screen, click on “Signatures” under “Email” section

Step 4: Select any one from “Signature Name” list and click on “+” icon/sign in “Edit Signature” box to add a new signature to Outlook for Mac

Step 5: In the new opened window, you can type and format your signature. You can also give impressive style to your signature using several formatting tools.

Step 6: In “Choose Default Signature” section

  • Choose the email account from drop-down list to use the signature
  • Choose new messages from list and set it
  • Choose replies/forwards to use signature your replies and forwards.

Step 7: Finally, click on “OK” to finish creating email signature

How to Add a LOGO or IMAGE to your Signature?

Step 1: Open a “New Message” in Outlook App

Step 2: Go to “Signatures > Signatures”

Step 3: In “Edit Signature” box, choose Signature you want to add a LOGO or IMAGE

Step 4: Select IMAGE icon, locate your image file and select “Insert”

Step 5: To resize the image, right-click on the image and choose “Picture”. Select the “Size” tab and use the options to resize your image.

Step 6: Once done, select “Ok” and then select “OK” again to save the changes to your Signature

How to Add your signature to your New Message? (Manually)

Step 1: Go to your mailbox and choose “New Message”

Step 2: Type your message and choose “Insert Signature” at the bottom of compose pane

Step 3: Once your email message is ready to send, choose “Send”

How to Add signature in Outlook for Web?

Step 1: Open “Outlook for web” and log-in to your account if you haven’t already

Step 2: Click on “Settings > View All Outlook Settings”

Step 3: In the next screen, click on “Compose and reply” from options available on your Screen

Step 4: Type the message which you want and find a large which box on the right-hand side pane. Now, add your signature

Step 5: Type in your signature and use formatting tools to give your signature a impressive style. And finally, click on “Save” at the bottom


I hope this article helped you “How to create signature in Outlook for Windows”, “How to create email signature in Outlook for Mac”, “How do i create a signature in Outlook for Web”, “How to add LOGO or image in your signature” with easy steps. You can follow the steps mentioned above to create and add signature in Outlook. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this, please write on comment box given below.