How to Disable HDCP Intel Graphics

DCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It’s a coding scheme developed by Intel used to protect ad it is used to protect audio and video signals travelling through DVI,HDMI and DisplayPort from being copied and illegally intercepted during a streaming session. It shields the transfer of digital content from a video source like a PC or DVD Player to a receiver like a monitor or TV Screen.

Why to go for HDCP?

Digital Content Protection LLC, an Intel subsidiary group that licenses HDCP was created to protect TV Shows, audio content and digital movies from being copied or accessed illegally.

Well so many users prefer to enable this feature but there are thousands of users who have reported their queries on forums that they want to disable it. If you are also one of the same users you can keep scrolling the article till the end.

What happens if you disable the HDCP?

On disabling HDCP you won’t be able to watch or record any HD programs as nearly all have High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) transmitted as a part of the signal.

How to disable HDCP Intel Graphics?

You can follow the below mention guidelines to disable HDCP. Here’s how:

Step 1: First of all close Watchdog and the DMP-8000 player window> then right-click on the desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings

Step 2: Now click on the Display tab> Select “Specs” on the HDMI Port> Select Override

Step 3: Finally toggle HDCP Support to Disabled


Is HDCP Required?

Well it’s a legal requirement. Any AV devices such as converters, splitters, switches or extenders have to be HDCP compliant as it means the data is protected against video piracy.

What happens if you turn off HDCP on PS5?

On disabling this setting you can get your capture card to work for video game captures. But disabling HDCP will also block certain media apps from your PS5, like Netflix. In order to make these streaming services work again you will have to enable HDCP.

Does my PC have HDCP?

From the NVIDIA Control Panel navigation tree pane, in the Display, click View HDCP status to open the associated page. Select the icon representing the display that you want to verify is HDCP-capable. The page shows one of three possible results. This display supports HDCP.

How to disable HDCP in registry?

First of all configure the following DWORD value below for your active display adapter the restart your computer. This should cause NVIDIA to display, this display does not support HDCP as configured in the NVIDIA control panel in the view HDCP status sub menu, third party tools can also be used to validate HDCP is disabled.

How so I delete HDCP?

You can do a quick search of the brand of the cable or look for tags/stickers on your cable that say “HDCP” compliant. You can also check the packaging that your cable was packaged in.

Does HDCP affect picture quality?

If even one component lacks HDCP certification content won’t play in 4k or may not play at all. You also need to have the same version of HDCP on all components or else you will get downgraded full HD content and not 4k.

How to bypass HDCP on PC?

Note: You need an additional HDMI Cable.

Step 1: Connect a HDCP product to HDMI Splitter> connect HDMI Splitter to TV/DVR Gaming System Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gamin Edition

Step 2: Finally reboot the device play or watch content and HDCP error is gone.

That’s all about Disable HDCP Intel Graphics. We have tried our best to provide all the relevant information and we really hope you liked the blog.